Admin Dashboard

Manage your marketplace content and integrations, view customer, integration, and partner analytics, and respond to partner app submissions.
Partners and install status

One Place to Manage Your Integrations and In-App Marketplace


Integration analytics and support

You can you use your Admin Dashboard to to view activity by customer, integration, or partner.

See all your integrations in one place, and how many customers have installed the integration.

Look at a customer's sync history, and run syncs on demand to troubleshoot issues. Provide proactive customer support when a partner app goes down.

Approve and view your tech partners

Review partner app submissions and send them any feedback.

Approve and publish partner apps to your marketplace.

View all your partners and the integrations they have in your marketplace. Be alerted if any partner's app is not performing well or is frequently down.

Manage your marketplace materials

Your marketing and partnership team can use the Admin Dashboard to upload marketing materials and change the design of your marketplace.

Publish partner's marketing materials to your marketplace, or request changes.

Easily update the marketing materials any time, without code.
Analytics and dashboard

Track Integration Analytics

You can easily view how many integrations have been installed across all your customers or by individual customer or partner.

Search activity and view sync history, including failed sync.

Provide Support

Your customer support team can log in to the Admin Dashboard to help a customer who is having trouble with an integration. The CS team can see a customer's sync history, help them change their configurations, and run a manual sync for them.

Provide proactive support by tracking when a partner's app is down.
Your app connecting to any other app so your customers can self-serve
Partner portal and analytics

Manage Your Tech Partners

Provide feedback or approve partners' app submissions. When approved, publish your partner's marketing content and integration to your marketplace.

View all your partners in one place, and see their integrations and activity.

Enable partners to see integration activity and installs on their integrations.

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