Integration Infrastructure

Our platform provides authentication, hosting, a mechanism for logging, 200+ prebuilt connectors, and more.

Pandium’s technical infrastructure enables developers to develop, debug, test locally, and then publish to Pandium and their app's white-labeled marketplace with the click of a button. 

Integration Infrastructure for Building and Supporting Native Integrations at Scale


Use Less Engineering Resources

We offer the technical infrastructure for developing and supporting native integrations at scale.

Our 200+ ready-made, lightweight connectors take care of the authentication and make it easy for you to surface logs in our Admin Dashboard.

Partners and agencies can submit integrations they build for your approval.

The business logic and front-end UI of your and partner-built integrations can easily be updated anytime.


Native Integrations Your Junior Developers Can Write

Since Pandium takes care of authentication, hosting, and rendering the UI, your engineering team (or your partners or our App Team) can focus solely on coding the business logic.

As a language-agnostic platform, developers can program integrations in any common language, including Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and Go.

This gives you and your partners the agility to code as you normally do, and assign any junior developer to the project.

No need for extensive training on a proprietary platform that engineers find frustrating.

Reliable and Robust Infrastructure

Our fully-managed, serverless infrastructure enables a limitless number of integrations and customers.

Don't tax your devops team as your customers' integration usage inevitably spikes.

Pandium will manage the server and hosting of your integrations, ensuring that your customers get the data they need when they need it.

Providing the mechanism for surfacing logs in the Admin Dashboard ensures your CS team, partners, and customers can easily see their sync history and any errors.

Admin Dashboard

Analytics and dashboard

Track Integration Analytics

You can you use your Admin Dashboard to to view activity by customer, integration, or partner. Easily view how many integrations have been installed across all your customers or by individual customer or partner.

Search activity and view sync history, including failed syncs.

Marketing and partnerships teams can see in-app marketplace activity, including tile page visits and attempted installs.

Provide Support

Your non-technical customer support team can log in to the Admin Dashboard to help a customer who is having trouble with an integration.

The CS team can see a customer's sync history, help them change their configurations, and run a manual sync for them.

Provide proactive support by seeing when a partner's API or app is down and notifying customers right away.
Your app connecting to any other app so your customers can self-serve
Partner portal and analytics

Manage Your Tech Partners

Your marketing and partnership team can use the Admin Dashboard to upload marketing materials and change the design of your marketplace.

Provide feedback or approve partners' app submissions. When approved, publish your partner's marketing content and integration to your marketplace.

Enable partners to see integration activity and installs on their integrations.

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