An Integration Platform Built for Smaller Teams

Pandium Lite provides B2B SaaS businesses with an affordable and dependable integration infrastructure to build and manage user-facing integrations.
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“Pandium has been key to us going to market faster.

With minimal development resources, we have shipped integrations our customers love to use and opened up new channels of customer acquisition as prospects discover us in our partners' marketplaces.”

-Philippe Roireau, VP of Partnerships

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Pandium Lite has all the essential features you need to build, manage, and support native integrations. Now in beta.
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Launch Resource-Efficient Integrations That Delight Users


Deploy an end-to-end solution for user-facing integrations

We take care of the heavy lifting so your engineering team can focus solely on coding the business logic.

Break down cross-functional silos

Our platform goes beyond a dev tool, providing features for managing integration analytics, marketing, and customer support.

Build with a tool that's made to scale with you

Take out the guesswork with our predictable pricing model. As your business expands our platform will scale with you.

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