Your one stop integration marketplace solution

Our iMaaS provides the infrastructure you need to make your partners and customers happy. A customizable front-end Marketplace, an Admin Dashboard for customer support and marketing, and a Partner Portal make it easy for you and your partners to succeed.

How it Works

We do the technical heavy lifting
Pandium handles authentication, hosts your integrations, surfaces logs, errors, and analytics, and provides a customizable front-end UI - so you can quickly launch your own marketplace and enter the marketplaces of your partners.
Your CS team uses the Admin Dashboard to help customers
Customer support can view integration usage and failures, and help customers who experience problems. Proactively notify customers when a partner's API is down.
Gather data on your customers’ preferences
Add a waitlist feature to your marketplace, and track usage and attempted installs in order to track customer interest in different integrations.
Select your tech partners
Pandium can power existing or new integrations to nearly any system. Add more to your marketplace at any time, in days, not weeks or months. It only takes a junior engineer a few hours to code the configurations.
Customize and brand your marketplace
Your marketers customize your integration marketplace’s UI and your tiles in your partners’ marketplace. No coding needed.
Decide the configurations your customers need
You know your customers best - you decide what particular configurations your customers need between systems.
Pandium hosts behind the scenes
We handle hosting so you don’t have to worry about ensuring performance and affordability through usage spikes or sudden scaling.
Monetize your marketplace and drive more revenue
If you choose to, monetize your marketplace by using your new visibility into leads, usage and installs to revenue share or compensate referrals.
Partners submit integrations to your Partner Portal
Give your partners an excellent experience and efficiently scale your program with the white labeled Partner Portal. Partners can track activity, run reports, and submit materials and apps.

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For Partnership Leaders

Drive more revenue and attract more partners
Do not let a lack of developer resources block your growth. Pandium's integration infrastructure gives you the ability to scale fast and drive more revenue.
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For Product Leaders

Ship integrations faster with a better UX
Build integrations faster with our language agnostic, developer friendly platform. Exceptional customer and partner UX drives product adoption and retention.
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For Tech Leaders

Build native integrations faster, without taxing your developers
Developers love Pandium's language agnostic platform. A junior developer can write integration configurations in hours, while we handle the rest of the tech stuff.
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