Your complete integration infrastructure

Your engineers should be focused on your core product, not building integration infrastructure. Our iMaaS provides all the infrastructure you need to support a world class integration marketplace and all your product integrations. A customizable front-end Marketplace, Admin Dashboard, and Partner Portal make it easy for your team to focus on what matters most.

Product integrations simplified

The platform built with developers in mind
Our client ShipBob reduced engineering resources by 70 percent. Engineering work on Pandium is simple: you follow two simple scripts to code the configurations for an integration, and when you push it to your repo, it goes live on Pandium. Use any common language, and avoid the frustration of having to learn to code around a visual builder.
Avoid front-end development or integration infrastructure
Pandium comes with a customizable front-end marketplace so your developers do not need to get involved to build or update the front-end of your marketplace (or your presence in partners' marketplaces). We take care of all the integration authentication, hosting, logging, and permissions so you can focus on what matters most.
Let customer support handle integration support
Pandium's Admin Dashboard enables non-technical customer and partner teams to view all integration activity and issues. They can support customers and partners experiencing problems, proactively notify customers when partner APIs are down, all without involving the engineering team.

What our users are saying

"Pandium allows us to partner with technology first companies while we keep focus on our core product.

The traditional iPaaS provided a proprietary environment with a high barrier to entry. We really like that Pandium is code first, and we can get the code rather than rely on a black box system."

-Ed Burnett, VP of Engineering
“With Pandium, we use 70 percent less engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster.

Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies. Plus, our customer base benefits from  finding the best-in-class solutions for their ever evolving needs.”

-Casey Armstrong, CMO
“Pandium provides the end-to-end infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with the integrations they need.

Thanks to Pandium, our tech partners can build and submit integrations to our platform, while my engineering team knocks out the projects only we can tackle.”

-Bharat Chopra, General Manager, Integration Center
“Pandium has been key to us going to market faster.

With minimal development resources, we have shipped integrations our customers love to use and opened up new channels of customer acquisition as prospects discover us in our partners' marketplaces. The Pandium team is always available to keep improving on those integrations.”

-Philippe Roireau, VP of Partnerships
“It had long been a goal of ours to establish a digital connection with LeagueApps. Thanks to the great work of the team at Pandium, we were able to connect our tech teams to turn that goal into a reality.

Pandium allowed us to seamlessly integrate with LeagueApps’ expansive client base, and our business continues to see great results.”

-Phil Wallace, VP of Business Development

Why you need Pandium

iPaaS's require coding around a visual builder
Except when you have relatively simple and static use cases, your developers will have to code around iPaaS's visual builders to enable customers to meet their business objectives. This is a time consuming and frusrating experience for engineers and customers.
Building in house will take years and divert from your core product
Unless integration is a key function of your product, building integration infrastructure is a task few will want to take on. Integration projects are rarely popular, and diverting engineers from your core product misses the opportunity to further your team's special expertise and to focus on building what makes your product truly distinct.
Streamline relationships with partner developers
With Pandium's Partner Portal, third party developers can submit their integration for review. Rather than an endless back and forth with internal and external teams, the white labeled Partner Portal provides a centralized place for communication, support, approval, and usage analytics and logs.

How Pandium Works

We do the technical heavy lifting
Pandium handles authentication, hosts your integrations, surfaces logs, errors, and analytics, and provides a customizable front-end UI, Admin Dashboard, and Partner Portal. You only need to configure the integration, which takes hours, not weeks or months.
Your CS team uses the Admin Dashboard to help customers
Customer support can view integration usage and failures, and help customers who experience problems. Proactively notify customers when a partner's API is down.
Gather data on your customers’ preferences
Add a waitlist feature to your marketplace, and track usage and attempted installs in order to track customer interest in different integrations.
Select your tech partners
Pandium can power existing or new integrations to nearly any system. Add more to your marketplace at any time, whether they are part of old workflows, built by partners, or new and hosted on Pandium.
Customize and brand your marketplace
Your marketers customize your integration marketplace’s UI and your tiles in your partners’ marketplace. No coding needed, and embeds in your app through an iFrame.
Decide the configurations your customers need
You know your customer best and you decide what configurations your customers need between your app and another system. Easily update as products and APIs change.
Pandium hosts behind the scenes
We handle hosting so you don’t have to worry about ensuring performance and affordability through usage spikes or sudden scaling.
Monetize your marketplace
If you choose to, monetize your marketplace by using your new visibility into leads, usage and installs to revenue share or compensate referrals.
Enable partners to submit and manage their integrations
With Pandium's white labeled Partner Portal, partners can easily submit integrations and marketplace materials for your approval. Once you approve, partners can see all customer activity and logs for their integrations.

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