Learn how Gorgias provided more high value integrations faster

Gorgias did not have enough product and engineering resources to build all the integrations on their roadmap. After seeing a lack of adoption with iPaaS's, learn how they used Pandium to drive customer adoption and retention.

Driving Retention with a White Labeled, Native Integration UX


Leveraging Pandium's App Team

With few internal engineering resources for integrations, Gorgias used Pandium's App Team to code the business logic of their integrations. The App Team's expertise enabled quick development of integrations with a native UX.

Native UX, not iPaaS

After seeing low adoption with integrations running on iPaaS's, Gorgias wanted a tool like Pandium that enables a white labeled, native integration experience for their customers. Once moving from iPaaS to Pandium, Gorgias saw a dramatic increase in customer adoption.

Entering New Markets

Gorgias's business development team was able to leverage Pandium to enter and test new markets by building more high value integrations faster, without needing to divert their product and engineering team from working on the core product.

Driving Customer Adoption and Satisfaction

One of Gorgias's key goals was to take the burden off their merchant customers of having to learn, and in some cases, pay for, a new tool. Merchants could self-install and manage their Pandium-powered integrations, without having to learn a new tool like an iPaaS.

Entering Partner Integration Marketplaces

Pandium enables tech companies to enter the marketplaces of their partners, and Gorgias leveraged Pandium to enter the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace. Pandium's App Team's expertise ensured quick approval and a UI that met the marketplace requirements.

Trusted Partner

Pandium trained Gorgias's customer support team on supporting their merchants' integration experience, advised on Gorgias's API design, and provided proactive customer support to ensure that Gorgias, their partners, and customers are all happy with their integration experience.
"Pandium enables us to unlock new market value from product partnerships much faster. It’s a godsend.”
-Philippe Roireau, VP of Business Development and Partnerships

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