Learn how Gorgias accelerated customer procurement with Pandium.

Gorgias overcame integration challenges with Pandium, launching customer-appreciated integrations faster and with minimal internal resources. Pandium's platform analytics streamlined monitoring for enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced time to value.
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Download the case study to see how Gorgias accelerated integrations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Explore how Gorgias overcame integration challenges with Pandium.

Leveraging Pandium's App Team

Gorgias efficiently utilized Pandium's App Team to code integration business logic, ensuring swift development with a native UX despite limited internal engineering resources.

Native UX, not iPaaS

Gorgias shifted from iPaaS to Pandium, opting for a white-labeled, native integration experience. The result? A remarkable surge in customer adoption, a stark contrast to their previous low iPaaS adoption rates.

Entering New Markets

Gorgias's business development team utilized Pandium to swiftly create high-value integrations, allowing them to enter and test new markets without diverting their product and engineering team from core product development.

Driving Customer Adoption and Satisfaction

One of Gorgias's key goals was to relieve the burden on their merchant customers. Pandium allowed merchants to self-install and manage integrations, eliminating the need to learn a new tool like an iPaaS.

Entering Partner Integration Marketplaces

Pandium empowers tech companies to enter partner marketplaces. Gorgias used Pandium to join the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace, benefitting from quick approval and a UI that met marketplace requirements.

Trusted Partner

Pandium provided training for Gorgias's support team, offered advice on API design, and delivered proactive customer support, ensuring a seamless integration experience and satisfaction for Gorgias, partners, and customers.