ShipBob reduced dev costs by 70 percent while getting to market 6x faster

ShipBob successfully boosted their tech partner program with the help of Pandium, resulting in a significant increase in their number of partners, leads, and customers.

How ShipBob Dramatically Transformed their ROI on Integrations


New Integrations 6x Faster

It was taking ShipBob 3-4 months to launch a new integration. With Pandium, it only takes 3 weeks.

Improved Customer UX

ShipBob's customers report the new UX and UI was leaps and bounds ahead of the old UX. Customers rate it a 4 or 5 out of 5.

Avoided 200k in Infrastructure

ShipBob calculated building even a minimum viable product of what Pandum does, without all its features, would cost 200k. Continuing their current process would have cost 600k annually.

Reduced Engineering Costs by 70 percent

They were able to dramatically reduce the time engineers spent on maintenance, support, and bringing new integrations to market.

4.5x More Partners in 6 Months

With their new white labeled In-App Marketplace and robust infrastructure, ShipBob is able to increase their technology partners 4.5x in 6 months.

Data for Teams and Partners

ShipBob is now able to offer internal teams and external partners timelines for when integrations will be ready, as well as report on leads and usage.

"Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies."
-Casey Armstrong, CMO

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