Learn how ShipBob partnered with Pandium to develop integrations 6x faster.

ShipBob overcame growth challenges using Pandium, reducing engineering costs and streamlining the user experience. Pandium's Integration Marketplace cut launch times, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Download the case study and discover the secrets to building a world-class integration marketplace

Learn how ShipBob obtained more tech partners, happier customers, and thousands of new leads.

New Integrations 6x Faster

ShipBob used to take 3-4 months to launch integrations. With Pandium, it now only takes 3 weeks.

Improved Customer UX

ShipBob's customers find the new UX/UI significantly better than the old one, rating between 4 and 5 out of 5.

Avoided 200k in Infrastructure

ShipBob found that creating a basic version of Pandium's functionality, excluding some features, would cost $200k. Sticking with their current approach would mean an annual expense of $600k.

Reduced Engineering Costs by 70 percent

They significantly cut the time engineers spent on maintenance, support, and launching new integrations.

4.5x More Partners in 6 Months

With the new white-labeled In-App Marketplace and robust infrastructure, ShipBob increased technology partners by 4.5x in 6 months.

Data for Teams and Partners

ShipBob now provides clear timelines for integration readiness and reports on leads and usage for internal teams and external partners.