Useparagon Alternative

Embedded iPaaS's like Paragon are not as effective at powering an ecosystem of tech partners around your product. Read why.

An iMaaS Like Pandium vs Embedded iPaaS like Useparagon

Understand why a Useparagon alternative can provide a better experience for your team, your customers, and your partners, and help you drive more revenue from your ecosystem



Designed to embed integrations in your product

Designed to power an integrated tech ecosystem around your app

Embed Paragon-defined integrations and workflows inside your product

Embed a customizable integration marketplace inside your product and the infrastructure for native integrations at scale

A visual builder that requires engineers to learn to code around the builder for complex integrations

Engineers directly code to partners' APIs, enabling native integrations your customers love

Doesn't facilitate relationships with your tech partners

Includes a partner portal and enables your partners to build directly to your API and vice versa

No marketplace

Includes a customizable marketplace (no coding) and flexible integration UI

No visibility for tech partners

Partner portal includes marketplace and integration usage analytics for tech partners

Doesn't power your presence in your partners' integration marketplaces

Powers your presence in the marketplaces of your partners

Doesn't provide a centralized platform for all your product integrations

List existing, partner, native, and third-party integrations in your white labeled Pandium marketplace

Own no reusable code for your integrations

Own the code you wrote to your partners' APIs to define the business logic

Complex pricing model

Pricing based solely on number of integrations your customers install

Requires your product managers, engineers, CS and customers to invest significant time learning a new tool

Product and engineering users can be onboarded in a few hours; customers can click-to-install and easily manage their configurations

Small number of integration connectors

Most SaaS connectors available at no extra charge

What Our Customers are Saying

Using iPaaS tools, you don’t get the type of customer adoption you get with Pandium. It doesn’t even come close. Pandium creates a frictionless, white labeled customer experience.

-Phillipe Roireau, VP of Business Development and Partnerships
The traditional iPaaS provided a proprietary environment with a high barrier to entry. We really like that Pandium is code first, and we can get the code rather than rely on a black box system.

-Ed Burnett, VP of Engineering
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Don’t let bad tech in the way of good partnerships. Learn how you can drive more revenue and attract more partners with minimal developer resources.
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“With Pandium, we use 70 percent less engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster. It has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies.”

-Casey Armstrong, CMO

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