Infographic: How to Construct a Co-Marketing Agreement

Elizabeth Garcia

A co-marketing agreement is a valuable asset at any stage. Even in a project-based relationship, having an agreement in place can set expectations and provide a framework for action. 

As your partner program grows, you may wish to make these agreements more programmatic, and have certain levels of commitments with corresponding marketing activities and budget. From the get go, you should have a basic template that you can adjust for each partner. 

Depending on how involved your relationship will be, you may want to have both a legal agreement alongside your structured plan of action. This infographic lays out what you should consider when thinking through a co-marketing agreement with your partners.

A co-marketing plan does not have to get into the legal details but should specify the terms and obligations on both sides. You can view and download a PDF version of the infographic here.

This information should be put into a simple file and shared with both partner teams. Here is a sample agreement between NiftyCRM and Sally's Accounting for a limited engagement, including integration marketplace pages and a series of webinars.

To view this form as a PDF as well as get a blank form as a template, click here.

To learn more about co-marketing with partners, or to read some expert advice on co-marketing agreements, download our Definitive Guide to Co-Marketing with Partners here.

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