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Pandium helps B2B software companies fuel their integration ecosystems.

How Justuno builds multiple integrations per week using Pandium

After a bad experience with a traditional iPaaS tool, Justuno needed an integration infrastructure partner who would give them complete code ownership and a platform to support their rapid development needs.

How LeagueApps Built an Industry-Leading Partner Program with Pandium

LeagueApps needed to build and launch native integrations to keep up with growing customer demand. By partnering with Pandium, they quickly met their goals and developed a top tech partnership program in the SportsTech space.

How ShipBob partnered with Pandium to develop integrations 6x faster

ShipBob overcame growth challenges by using Pandium to reduce engineering costs and streamline the user experience. Pandium's Integration Marketplace cut launch times to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How Gorgias accelerated customer procurement with Pandium

Gorgias overcame integration challenges with Pandium, launching integrations faster with minimal internal resources. Pandium's platform analytics streamlined monitoring for enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced time to value.

Vestwell scaled integrations without draining engineering resources

Vestwell partnered with Pandium to create a better customer and partner UX. The end-to-end solution enabled Vestwell to scale integrations without diverting engineering resources

How one Series B SaaS built a preferred integration in 3 weeks

This wholesaler platform achieved a 1200% increase in installs with a preferred integration, utilizing less than a day of engineering resources thanks to Pandium.


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