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Use Pandium's suite of products to create native software integrations and turn them into profit centers for your business.
100% White Labeled. Easy to Configure.

The best way to build software integrations

Don't choose. Have it all.

Before Pandium, you had to choose between speed, price, or flexibility for integration builds. With Pandium, you can have all three!

Get integrations that are completely custom, affordable, and quick to build — all inside an easy-to-use platform.

Better than low and no-code tools

Low and no-code tools limit you and your users. They're rigid and can take months to learn.

Instead, Pandium lets you use your existing programming tools to create integrations that are completely personalized for you and your customers. No steep learning curve.

Better than DIY Integrations

Building and managing native integrations yourself is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. But, Pandium makes the process painless. Our platform handles the repetitive and annoying parts of building integrations for you — so you can focus on other things.
Managed Authentication

Connect to your customers favorite tools

Pandium has over 200 prebuilt connectors — providing managed authentication for all the tools your customers are already using.

Packed with Features

100% White-labeled

Your customers and partners won’t know that Pandium exists.


No-code is popular, but it doesn’t get the job done. Our code-first approach means you have full control over configurations and business logic.

You own your code

Get total ownership over the code you write and full access to APIs — no wrapping.

Easy to configure

You set the parameters and then your end users can configure their integrations however they’d like.

Usage metrics & reporting

Get access to key integration analytics and KPIs. Easily share data with your technology partners and executive team.

Customizable UI

Control appearance settings inside Pandium so everything fits your company’s brand.

See Pandium in action

Build your first integration in under one week.
Need extra support?

Let us build your integrations for you

Don't let a lack of developer resources hold you back. The Pandium Integration Team can build and manage native integrations that meet your customers' and partners' needs.

Simplifying integrations for every team.


  • Unlock new revenue opportunities through native integrations.
  • Reduce build time and costs so you can show ROI sooner.
  • Attract new customers and tech partners. Build stronger relationships with existing ones.


  • Get buy-in from prospects because you integrate with their existing systems.
  • Shorten deal cycles by launching requested integrations faster.
  • Increase integration adoption. Customers using integrations have a higher retention rate and price tolerance.


  • Build custom integrations in days with just one junior developer.
  • Compatible with your current development, testing, and deployment processes.
  • Offload infrastructure work and let non-devs handle support.


  • Launch native integrations without distracting your core developer team.
  • Shorten integration build time so other projects on your roadmap aren't delayed.
  • Give customers a native integration experience. No more clunky third-party tools.


  • Attract visitors and capture leads with an integration directory on your website.
  • Edit content and settings yourself. No waiting on help from engineers.
  • SEO optimized & works with your existing tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and more.

Trusted by top B2B SaaS companies

Here’s what our customers say

"With Pandium, we use 70% fewer engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster."

Casey A
CMO, ShipBob

"Discovering, installing, and managing integrations has never been easier for our users"

Aaron J
Senior Software Engineer, Loop Returns

"Pandium makes integrations look easy! This has been invaluable for me and my team"

Nick S
Mid-Market Software Company

"Pandium provides the end-to-end infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with the integrations they need"

Bharat C
GM of Integration Center, LeagueApps


Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
Why shouldn’t I build a DIY integration infrastructure?
Would you build your own CRM or cloud infrastructure? Of course not, because you know that's inefficient and not your best use of resources.

Product integrations are the same. The Pandium platform instantly gives you the infrastructure you need to be successful with product integrations — no unpredictable expenses, long development cycles, or distracting senior developers with integration requests.
Why isn't Pandium no-code?
If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That’s the case with no-code integration tools.

They have rigid connectors that, in the end, almost always require developer involvement to work properly. But with the added complexity of coding around a visual builder and getting up to speed on a new system.

At Pandium, we’re proud of our code-first philosophy. Code isn't the enemy. It’s a powerful tool that enables you to build flexible, scalable, and affordable product integrations in record time.
Why is Pandium better than an iPaaS?
iPaaS systems are designed for internal workflow automation, not product integrations with hundreds of end users. They offer connectors to other systems but are complex and have limited functionality. Coding around these thick connectors is frustrating for engineers.

iPaaS tools also lack a front-end marketplace or accessible logging for customer support or business analytics. Meaning you have to build this infrastructure yourself.

Finally, the customer experience for product integrations is subpar. They force customers to leave your app and/or go through multiple steps to install integrations.

Pandium solves these issues. Our system is loved by engineers and designed so you can offer your customers a native, self-serve experience with the custom configuration settings they need to accomplish their objectives.
Do I need developers to launch product integrations on Pandium?
Yes. Your developers have one job on Pandium: to code the configurations of your product integrations. A junior developer can do this in just a few hours.

If you’re short on developer resources, our Integration Team can do this work for you.
Why does using Pandium require a developer?
This is an intentional decision. Every company’s integration needs are unique. We could force you into rigid pre-built flows like other tools do. But in our experience, platforms that try to be one-size-fits-all end up not fitting anyone quite right.

Pandium lets your devs quickly program all the business logic and custom configurations you need to create integrations that perfectly fit you and your users. Then, you can reuse those frameworks to launch future integrations faster.

If your product or API needs change, no problem. We give you the flexibility to update or change integration configurations anytime.

With other tools, you have to wait for a third party to make updates for you or program complex workarounds yourself. This slows you down and means your developers end up getting involved anyway.

If you want to build with Pandium but don’t have in-house developers to help, consider partnering with our Integration Team.
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