Speed up time-to-market for integrations. Drive revenue and retention.

Get the tools to build, launch, and promote software integrations. Generate revenue and grow your technology partner program with minimal involvement from your engineers.

Stop waiting, start integrating

Launch faster

Our code-first platform and 200+ app connectors handle the heavy lifting so you can launch native integrations with less dependency on your technical team.

Manage at scale

Manage partners and their apps in one place. Our all-in-one platform handles onboarding, integration setup, feedback loops, partner enablement, and launch.

Show ROI

Bring integrations to market in weeks instead of months. Access analytics to report on the ROI without help from technical teams.

Why B2B SaaS companies trust Pandium

1 billion

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companies use Pandium-powered integrations


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Features You'll Love

Easily track integration KPIs

Attribute revenue to integrations with access to analytics on installs and activity — no technical assistance required. Pandium integrates with top data warehouses, including Coralogix, AppInsights, DataDog, and more.

Integrate and grow with any partner

Whether you have a private or public API, integrate with any tool and get full configuration control for you, your partners, and end users. Our system handles complexity and edge cases without breaking. Never face volume limits or performance degradation.

Manage technology partnerships at scale

Give your technology partners access to Pandium so they can submit third-party apps, user onboarding resources, and marketing materials. Centralize partner info and get notified when partners submit new apps and materials.

An in-app marketplace

Offer end-users a self-serve marketplace within your app to enhance integration adoption and discoverability. Users can install, configure, view logs, schedule syncs and troubleshoot.

Full visibility for customer support team

Your non-technical support team can login and help customers troubleshoot their integrations — no need to involve engineers. They can see sync history, help change configurations, and run a manual sync for users.

Code-first, developer friendly platform

Gaining technical support for your integration efforts has never been easier. We take care of the heavy lifting for integration DevOps, development, and maintenance. Letting your engineers launch up to 6x faster.

“Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner and integration go-to-market strategies.”

Casey A
Chief Marketing Officer, ShipBob
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200+ pre-built connectors into popular apps



Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How does Pandium help me generate more revenue?
The most common reason technology partnerships don’t drive more revenue is the lack of infrastructure to make them successful at scale.

Pandium’s Integration Hub gives you the infrastructure to launch new product integrations in days, not months. Once your integrations get built, it’s time to promote them. Use the In-App Marketplace to increase adoption and reduce churn in your current customer base. Use the Public Gallery to advertise your integrations to attract new leads and close deals faster.

Build stronger relationships with your existing technology partners by sharing installs, usage data, and lead capture information. Forge new relationships by listing your integrations on your partners’ application marketplaces.
How can I build integrations if I don’t have in-house developer resources?
If you’re short on developer resources, our Integration Team can help. Our expert developers have built hundreds of integrations across all industries. We can easily create the custom integrations you and your users need.
What will my tech partners’ experience be on Pandium?
Your technology partners can submit their marketing materials and integration in our customizable Partner Portal. After you approve their app and materials, they’re published in your In-App Marketplace.

If their integration runs on Pandium, the partner can access all the customer activity and logging for their integration, enabling them to troubleshoot, provide proactive customer support, and track business results.
What if we (or our partners) have integrations we don’t want to run on Pandium?
You can create a listing for any integration, whether it runs on Pandium or not. In those cases, the ‘install’’ button will direct the customer to the workflow you or your partner already have set up.
Can Pandium help me get listed in my larger partners’ integration marketplaces?
Poorly designed integrations and UI are the most common reasons large marketplaces reject integration submissions. We can ensure your product integrations and UIs are robust and high quality so your submissions get approved.

We also help you build your integrations in days or weeks instead of months. So you can get listed in their marketplaces sooner.
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