Let customers discover, install, and manage native integrations. All from inside your app.

The In-App Marketplace is an embedded solution that displays all your software integrations in one place. Customize the UI and listings, then launch your fully hosted app store in under one week.
100% White Labeled.

Increase integration adoption with an In-App Marketplace

Fully embedded inside your application

We use an iFrame to embed a custom integration marketplace into your software. So your customers can find and install integrations without ever leaving your app.

Styled to fit your brand

Easily edit the marketplace UI to fit the look and feel of your company. No coding necessary. Everything is 100% white labeled, so our users won't even know Pandium exists.

Display all your integrations

Feature all your integrations regardless of who built them. The marketplace can display integrations you build, your partners build, or ones built with Pandium's Integration Hub.

Customers set their own configurations

Your customers download and manage integrations themselves via a self-serve dashboard. Save your customer support team time by enabling your customers to customize their configurations, schedule syncs, and view logs.

More Features

Easy to manage listings

Build and update your marketplace listings with a simple no-code CMS.

Customize to fit your brand

Add your own logo, colors, and fonts.

Metrics & reporting

Collect key analytics for your marketplace and integrations. Easily share metrics with your technology partners.

Categories & flags

Add categories and flags to listings so that users can sort and find the integrations they're looking for.

Full content control

Add and update the content and marketing materials for all the listings in your marketplace.

Simple partner management

Let your technology partners submit integrations they build. Get notified when new submissions are made, then provide feedback or approve them for publishing.

See the In-App Marketplace in Action

Launch your embedded integration marketplace in under a week.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Here’s what our customers say

"Discovering, installing, and managing integrations has never been easier for our users"

Aaron J
Senior Software Engineer, Loop Returns

"Pandium makes integrations look easy! This has been invaluable for me and my team"

Nick S
Mid-Market Software Company

"With Pandium, we use 70% fewer engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster."

Casey A
CMO, ShipBob

"Pandium provides the end-to-end infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with the integrations they need"

Bharat C
GM of Integration Center, LeagueApps


Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How long will it take to launch my In-App Marketplace on Pandium?
It can be as fast as a few days. Once you select your integrations and upload your copy and design, your junior developer just needs to code the integrations’ business logic. Then, your marketplace is ready to launch.
What if we (or our partners) have integrations we don’t want to run on Pandium?
You can create a listing for any integration, whether it runs on Pandium or not. In those cases, the ‘install’’ button will direct the customer to the workflow you or your partner already have set up.
Can Pandium help me get listed in my larger partners’ integration marketplaces?
Poorly designed integrations and UI are the most common reasons large marketplaces reject integration submissions. We can ensure your product integrations and UIs are robust and high quality so your submissions get approved.

We also help you build your integrations in days or weeks instead of months. So you can get listed in their marketplaces sooner.
Will my end users know about Pandium, or need to make a Pandium account?
No, your customer’s experience is white-labeled to fit you and your partners’ brands. Your customer does not have to register with Pandium and won’t know that Pandium exists.
I don’t need an In-App Marketplace. Can I still use Pandium?
Yes, you can build using the Integration Hub even if you do not purchase an In-App Marketplace plan.

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