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Pandium Lite offers B2B SaaS businesses an affordable and reliable infrastructure for building and managing user-facing integrations.
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Simplified user-facing integrations
We simplify building integrations, freeing your engineering team to focus on other projects. Deploy user-facing integrations and leave the heavy lifting to us.
Flexible and transparent pricing
Stay in control of your costs with our clear pricing. Pay for what you need now, and upgrade easily for more features when you're ready.
Launch integrations, unlock revenue
Native integrations bring fresh revenue possibilities. Building with Pandium means more integrations, more customers, and increased revenue.
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Key features at a glance

Integration Hub access

Gain control over your integrations through the Integration Hub, which handles authentication, logging, versioning, and hosting automatically – your central command center for integrations builds and management.
Launch Integrations

Up to 25 tenants

Manage and integrate up to 25 end customers, also known as tenants, with ease.
Onboard Users

Up to 50,000 executions a day

Handle up to 50,000 integration executions daily, like running a single tenant around 30 times per hour. This covers all integration runs, regardless of triggers or data volume.
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Experience the power of Pandium Lite for only $499/month

Looking to boost your integration capabilities?

Consider Pandium Lite as your cost-effective and trustworthy integration solution. For just $499 per month, ensure that your integration needs are met without breaking the bank.
What you get:

• Access to Integration Hub

• Up to 50,000 daily executions

• Maximum of 25 tenants

• Email support

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