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How to Choose the Right Embedded iPaaS for Your Integration Needs

B2B SaaS companies are under increasing pressure to provide integration solutions to users quickly. While an embedded iPaaS can be a path forward, selecting the right fit for your business goals can be challenging. This guide outlines the essential criteria to consider when choosing an embedded iPaaS.

How to Master Integration Launches: A GTM Strategy Handbook

Unlock key strategies for planning and executing a successful integration launch with technology partners. From internal team education to precision-targeted external marketing, the ebook offers SaaS companies a roadmap to excel in their Go-To-Market (GTM) efforts.

Download the book explaining why ecosystems can cover the loss of cookies

Are you a marketer looking to improve your data collection strategy? Check out our guide on implementing an ecosystem marketing strategy to gather high-quality data at scale. Discover why cookies are crumbling and how this approach can benefit your business.

Unlock Success: The C-Suite Support Guide for Partnership Leaders

"Winning C-Suite Support: A Guide for Partnership Leaders" is a must-read for anyone interested in integrations and gaining executive support. You'll find straightforward advice on building successful partnerships and crafting a convincing business case to win executive buy-in. Whether you're new to integrations or experienced, this eBook offers practical insights for success.

Download the guide with information on 76 vendors and the best partner tech stack

Build the ideal tech stack for your business with insights from 100+ peers and data on 76 tech vendors. Learn about SaaS partner programs and access info on APIs, integrations, and marketplaces. Elevate your tech ecosystem knowledge today.

Learn how to measure the entire business impact of tech partnerships

Tech partnerships can lift every stage of the revenue funnel. Understand the processes and tech you need to effectively measure their impact in driving and influencing revenue, and in improving retention, LTV, and customer satisfaction.

Learn How to Treat Building Integrations Like a Product to Drive Sustainable Business Growth

From defining your integration strategy and design, to providing exceptional support and streamlining your development process, this comprehensive ebook covers every aspect of the integration lifecycle, plus bonus materials.

Learn how to create an exceptional third party developer experience

Learn how to create an exceptional integration journey for your partner developers, from awareness to advocacy, by downloading our comprehensive guide. Ensure that your app is seamlessly integrated without building in-house or using an iPaaS.

Download the handbook explaining API and integrations for the non-technical

Learn how to ensure that your product integrations are supported and scaled by asking the right questions of your engineering team. Download our e-book to help you make informed decisions for your business.


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