Introducing the Pandium Integration Development Kit

Learn more about how we just made launching native integrations even faster with our newest feature inside the Pandium Integration Hub.
Written by
Elizabeth Garcia, Product Marketing Manager
Published on
February 7, 2024

Big news! A brand new feature just launched inside the Integration Hub, and it’s a major one. We’ve been working on it for a long time, and we’re so excited to finally be able to share it with our users. 

It’s called the Pandium Integration Development Kit (or IDK for short).

Since Pandium was founded, we’ve been on a mission to make native integration development fast and straightforward for engineers and SaaS companies. For years, our code-first approach and products have made this possible. But we didn’t stop there.

We asked ourselves, “How can we make building integrations even faster?”

Our Integration Development Kit (IDK) is the answer.

Get All the Flexibility of In-House Development in a Fraction of the Time. 

With the help of the Pandium IDK, now engineers get 90% of the integration infrastructure they need with the click of a button. Including:

Integration Scaffolding 

Choose from the hundreds of pre-built connectors inside Pandium. Then, with the click of a button, boilerplate code for standard integration tasks is automatically generated and populated into your repository of choice — in your preferred programming language.

Connect Pandium to your repository, and with one click, get all the files you need to quickly begin integration development.

Pandium Library of API Clients

Our API clients enable seamless interaction with APIs. They’re built with automatic handling of paging, automatic retries, concurrency, and efficient rate limit handling – all ensuring optimized throughput.

Example client code for an ActiveCampaign to Gorgias integration

Intelligent Code-Completion for Integration Development

Our API clients also provide context-aware code insights on the APIs being integrated. This eliminates the need to constantly reference API docs while coding an integration’s business logic.

Engineers get real-time assistance and suggestions as they write code. This includes all available endpoint operations and their signatures.

Why Did We Create an Integration Development Kit? 

Offering product integrations gives SaaS companies a clear path to better close rates, higher customer retention, and expansion into new markets. 

“The only way to promise truly agile integration solutions is through code-first development.” - Shon Urbas, CTO & Co-Founder of Pandium

Building integrations in-house is tough. Building integrations that are scalable and meet business needs is even tougher. Tack on trying to build without a dedicated team of engineers or with the rigid iPaaS solutions currently available on the market, and it’s basically impossible.

On top of all this, the lack of standardized API interaction practices, makes it even more difficult for SaaS organizations to ship product integrations at the pace they want and need. 

“The iPaaS market doesn't need a 'more flexible' no-code or low-code solution.” - Cristina Flaschen, CEO & Co-Founder of Pandium

Our team at Pandium believes the market doesn't need a “more flexible” no-code or low-code solution. We believe that the only way to promise truly agile and customized solutions is through code-first development. 

Pandium's Integration Hub, now enhanced by the Integration Development Kit, fills a gap in the market by offering B2B SaaS organizations an out-of-the-box infrastructure for connecting directly with APIs to build and launching integrations, along with tools to expedite the integration development process. 

This enables organizations to retain full control over customization, agility, and the code for their integrations, while allowing Pandium to expedite the build & launch process.

Pandium’s Integration Hub + Pandium IDK

The Pandium Integration Development Kit (IDK) is the newest feature of our Integration Hub

While engineers use the Pandium IDK to quickly code the business logic for integrations, the Integration Hub connects to their repository and handles the infrastructure needed to efficiently launch and manage scalable and reusable native integrations to their users.

Now, engineers can use the Pandium IDK to quickly code business logic, knowing that the Integration Hub handles the rest.

Shaping the Future of Integration Development

We're excited about the possibilities the Pandium IDK brings to engineers and can’t wait to see how quickly customers are able to build with it.

To see the Pandium IDK in action, request a demo here. To learn more about Pandium, check out our website or our FAQs.

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