Build compliant and custom user-facing integrations without limits. Seamlessly integrate with any payment system.

Take integrations to market faster with the most flexible integration platform for B2B payment processing and fintech.

Your solution for scalable, secure payment system integrations.

Connect with any payment system.

Our out-of-the-box infrastructure and developer tools reduce the time and cost associated with integrating to payment gateways, orchestration platforms, ACH, digital wallets, and more.

Customize and control, without the burden.

Pandium's code-first approach gives you complete control over your integrations through direct connections to APIs, systems, SFTP, and databases – without the usual complexity or pre-built workflows.

Compliance without compromises.

Pandium's platform is designed for compliance without delays or compromises. Confidently grow your payment solutions, ensuring you and your users are fully protected.

Why B2B SaaS companies trust Pandium

1 billion

records processed per month


companies use Pandium-powered integrations


in ARR enabled through Pandium

Unlock the fastest, most adaptable way to connect with your payment ecosystem

We built the infrastructure so you don’t have to

Offload the setup required for hosting, authenticating, logging, and versioning with our Integration Hub. Save six-figures per integration on average and get full control over configurations.

Built for flexibility and customization

No matter how different or complex the integration, empower your team to create and update customizable, repeatable integrations that can be tailored and deployed across multiple customers.
Built-in partner collaboration workflow

Make it easier for partners to integrate with your system

Pandium can simplify the integration process for your partners by offering an Integration Development Kit designed specifically for your system. Allow partners to more easily connect with your system and invite them to submit integrations for your review and approval within Pandium.

Control your integration UX

Improve adoption and customer experience with our In-App Marketplace. Allow customers to discover, install, and manage their integrations directly in your app.

Grow without limitations.

Pandium is designed manage complexity and edge cases without breaking. The platform’s cloud-based infrastructure scales for peak performance, maintaining stability even at high usage volumes & uncapped number of calls.
Need Extra Support?

Let us build your integrations for you.

Managed Authentication

200+ pre-built connectors into popular apps

Experience Pandium

See for yourself

Learn how building integrations can unlock new revenue for your company.

Pay as you grow pricing

Flexible plans that scale with you as your integration needs increase.

Get your hands on the platform

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Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How long does it take to learn to use Pandium?
About three days. Other tools can take 6+ weeks!
How fast can I build integrations with Pandium?
Most users build their first integration within 2-4 weeks. Then, spend less than 2 weeks building subsequent integrations. That’s 12+ weeks faster than building integrations from scratch yourself!
Who is Pandium designed for?
B2B software companies who want to grow their technology partner ecosystem, offer their customers more native product integrations, or make it easier for their partners to integrate into them.
What systems can you connect my product to?
We offer 200+ pre-built connectors. Check out the complete list here. If you don’t see the one you need, don’t worry! We’ll build it for you free of charge. 
Does it cost more to integrate with certain systems?
No, you pay the same price no matter what apps or systems you connect to. Learn more about our predictable pricing here.