Give brands a connected experience with the fastest and most flexible integration platform for 3PL.

Increase operational efficiency, increase revenue potential, and provide supply chain visibility with integrations powered by Pandium.

Our most popular 3PL connectors

Integrations that ensure reliability for critical operations — from products and inventory to orders and more.

Quickly build integrations brands need

Connect with top warehouse and inventory management systems, as well as cross-border platforms and shipping carriers. Offer business-critical integrations while saving six-figures per integration on average.

Handle peak season with confidence

A platform designed to scale and manage complexity and edge cases without breaking. No volume limits or performance decline, even when usage surges.

More than a solution, true partners

Our team includes former leaders within the Shopify and BigCommerce ecosystems. With combined decades of experience building integrations and technology partnerships, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Why 3PL companies trust Pandium


orders processed per month


companies use Pandium-powered integrations


in ARR enabled through Pandium

“Pandium helped us integrate into the newest leading ecommerce channels. Within less than a year, we had 100+ merchants live and processed millions of orders. That would not have been possible without Pandium."

Manisha T.
Sr. Director of Platform Partnerships, ShipBob

Features that power 3PL integrations

Connect with any app in the 3PL and ecommerce ecosystem

Create completely custom data flows using the connector library and Integration Development Kit. Skip the frustrating constraints and scaling issues you'll face with low & no-code tools.

We built the infrastructure so you don't have to

Automate the repetitive and time-consuming parts of integration development. Offload the setup required for hosting, authenticating, logging, and versioning.

Offer customers a self-serve integration experience

Improve adoption and customer experience with our optional In-App Marketplace. Allow brands to discover, install, and manage their integrations from within your application.
Need Extra Support?

Let us build your integrations for you.

Managed Authentication

200+ pre-built connectors into popular apps

"Installing integrations is one thing, but managing them is another. With Pandium’s In-App Marketplace, our brands can now easily discover, install, and manage their integrations."

Aaron J.
Staff Software Engineer, Loop Returns
Built-in partner collaboration workflow

Make it easier for partners to integrate with your system

Pandium can simplify the integration process for your partners by offering an Integration Development Kit designed specifically for your system. Allow partners to more easily connect with your system and invite them to submit integrations for your review and approval within Pandium.


Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How fast can I build integrations with Pandium?
Most users build their first integration within 2-4 weeks. Then, spend less than 2 weeks building subsequent integrations. That’s 12+ weeks faster than building integrations from scratch yourself!
What if a partner API changes? How is that handled?
All changes needed to support authentication and authorization will be handled by Pandium. Changes in shapes of data or versions of an API are handled by the writer of the integration. 

Simply update your script and push to your repository to get a new release on the platform.
What makes Pandium scalable?
In contrast to many integration platforms, Pandium’s connectors do not interact with external APIs beyond authorization, authentication, and receiving webhooks. 

Meaning, there is no “Pandium version” or “wrapper” around third-party APIs. This allows access to the full flexibility of the systems you are connecting. 

Learn more about how Pandium’s platform structure supports this here.

Additionally, once an integration and its configurations are surfaced on Pandium, they can be reused and deployed to many different users, offering options for customer-specific deployment of configurations, enabling you to launch integrations faster.
Can Pandium help me get listed in my larger partners’ integration marketplaces?
Poorly designed integrations and UI are the most common reasons large marketplaces reject integration submissions. 

We can ensure your product integrations and UIs are robust and high quality so your submissions get approved.

We also help you build your integrations in days or weeks instead of months. So you can get listed in their marketplaces sooner.
Does Pandium need a public API to work?
No, we can use public or private APIs, SFTP, or even direct database connections if we have access.
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