Offload the heavy lifting of building and managing integrations.

Get all the flexibility of in-house development, while Pandium handles authentication, hosting, logging, integration UI, and more.

Leave integration DevOps and maintenance to us

Reduce engineering effort

Skip the hassle of standing up and maintaining an infrastructure to run integrations. Let developers use their existing processes, and provide them with a Development Kit to quickly code integrations.

Don't derail your roadmap

Integration requests don't have to change your priorities and timelines. Our platform handles the complexities of integrations while allowing even a junior developer to program the business logic.

Build right the first time

Don't waste time building similar integrations over and over or having to migrate from no-code integration platforms when they fail to scale. Build reusable, configurable integrations that can be deployed to many customers.

Features You’ll Love

Expert handling of auth, rate limiting, and versioning

Tackle authentication with our pre-built connectors and set default configurations. Our API clients ensure seamless interaction with APIs while optimizing throughput.

Create reusable and configurable integrations

Define integration configurations once and set customer-specific deployment. Release management and versioning options make it easy to update your integrations and track changes.

Built for high-volume, multi-purpose integrations

Pandium's cloud-based infrastructure scales for peak performance, whether you're starting out or rapidly growing. Modify and refine integrations with ease to meet changing needs.

Integration analytics

Track integration installs for all customers. Monitor activity, check sync history (even failed ones), and easily link Pandium to various data warehouses like Coralogix, AppInsights, DataDog, and more.

Support tools for customers and customer-facing teams

Shift from reactive to proactive. Give your customer-facing teams the tools to easily view logs and manage your customers' integration configurations, deployment, and even version updates.

Fully embedded integration UI

Provide a self-service platform where users can explore all available integrations. Deploy a single integration to hundreds of customers, enabling each user to set up their configurations, view logs, and schedule syncs.

“With Pandium, we use 70% fewer engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster."

Casey A
Chief Marketing Officer, ShipBob
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Managed Authentication

200+ pre-built connectors into popular apps



Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How fast can I build integrations with Pandium?
Most users build their first integration within 2-4 weeks. Then, spend less than 2 weeks building subsequent integrations. That’s 12+ weeks faster than building integrations from scratch yourself!
How frequent are product updates, and how will I be informed?
We release new features all the time. Check out our latest product updates here.
Do I need developers to launch product integrations on Pandium?
Yes. Your developers have one job on Pandium: to code the configurations of your product integrations. Which a junior developer can do in just a few hours.

If you’re short on developer resources, our Integration Team can do this work for you.
Why does using Pandium require a developer?
This is an intentional decision. Every company’s integration needs are unique. We could force you into rigid pre-built flows like other tools do. But in our experience, platforms that try to be one-size-fits-all end up not fitting anyone quite right.

Pandium lets your devs quickly program all the business logic and custom configurations you need to create integrations that perfectly fit you and your users. Then, you can reuse those frameworks to launch future integrations faster.

If your product or API needs change, no problem. We give you the flexibility to update or change integration configurations anytime.

With other tools, you have to wait for a third party to make updates for you or program complex workarounds yourself. This slows you down and means your developers end up getting involved anyway.

If you want to build with Pandium but don’t have in-house developers to help, consider partnering with our Integration Team.
Does Pandium need a public API to work?
No, we can use public or private APIs, SFTP, or even direct database connections if we have access.
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