Launch integrations.
Unlock revenue.

Native integrations create new revenue streams. Build with Pandium for more integrations, more customers, and more revenue.

Drive revenue through integrations

Win more deals

Upsell current customers and win new ones. Show users that your software seamlessly connects with their existing systems, close more deals, and boost your bottom line.

Boost product stickiness

Customers who use integrations are 58% less likely to churn and have higher price tolerance. Integrations make it harder for users to justify canceling their subscription to your product.

Expand market reach

Promoting integration offerings helps you generate leads and close deals. Get in front of prospects searching for software that connects to tools they already use. It's a smart way to reach a broader market.

“Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner and integration go-to-market strategies.”

Casey A
Chief Marketing Officer, ShipBob

Get support throughout the entire integration lifecycle

Data-driven decision making

Make informed decisions about sales strategies. Pinpoint successful integrations and areas needing improvement to allocate resources more efficiently.

Improve partner relationships

Use integration analytics for planning and targeted sales efforts around in-demand integrations. Build trust with partners using data to create more co-selling opportunities.

Diversified revenue streams

Native integrations expand product offerings, reducing reliance on a single income source, and increasing stability.

Targeted sales efforts

Customize sales efforts by focusing on popular integrations with high user engagement. Boosting net new revenue and upsell opportunities.

Scalable growth

Achieve scalable growth by building more integrations. Each successful addition generates more revenue, which adds up over time.

Competitive edge

Offering various integrations sets you apart from competitors and attracts new customers. Increase your market share and revenue growth.

Why B2B SaaS companies trust Pandium

1 billion

records processed per month


companies use Pandium-powered integrations


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Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How does Pandium help me generate more revenue?
The most common reason technology partnerships don’t drive more revenue is the lack of infrastructure to make them successful at scale.

Pandium’s Integration Hub gives you the infrastructure to launch new product integrations in days, not months. Once your integrations get built, it’s time to promote them. Use the In-App Marketplace to increase adoption and reduce churn in your current customer base. Use the Public Gallery to advertise your integrations to attract new leads and close deals faster.

Build stronger relationships with your existing technology partners by sharing installs, usage data, and lead capture information. Forge new relationships by listing your integrations on your partners’ application marketplaces.
How much revenue can I generate by launching product integrations?
Who is Pandium designed for?
B2B software companies who want to grow their technology partner ecosystem and offer their customers more native product integrations.
My company is growing quickly. Will Pandium be able to scale with us?
Yes! Our infrastructure is built to handle any volume without breaking. We have customers who’ve grown from 2,500 calls/month to 30M+ calls/month on Pandium.
How can I build integrations if I don’t have in-house developer resources?
If you’re short on developer resources, our Integration Team can help. Our expert developers have built hundreds of integrations across all industries. We can easily create the custom integrations you and your users need.
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