Predictable Pricing, Powerful Results

Whether you need a small or large volume of user-facing integrations, you will always know what you're paying for.

No Hidden Fees or Charges Per Integration

Integration Platform

One platform for integration and marketplace UI management.
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Key Features:
Visibility into integration and tenant activity
Submit both native and third-party apps
Detailed logs and tracking for syncs
Easily edit and update integration configurations
See and manage marketplace content for your apps
Invite and manage users as well as third-party partners
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In-App Marketplace

Empower users with a marketplace to host, install, and manage apps.
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Includes Integration Platform, Partner Portal, plus:
White-labeled, embedded site behind a login via an iFrame
Customizable UI components
Host both native and partner apps
Self-installation and management for customers via dashboard
Hundreds of connectors to choose to display in your marketplace
Access detailed usage metrics, and share relevant info with partners
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A white-labeled, public-facing app marketplace to showcase your ecosystem.
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Includes Integration Platform, Partner Portal, plus:
Seamless integration of a public facing marketplace into your site.
Customize navigation bars, headers, footers, banners, and more via HTML/CSS
Embed CRM forms and script tags for tracking leads and metrics
Showcase existing and potential apps, solutions, and integrations to customers and partners
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Partner Portal

Suite of tools and workflows specifically for tech partnerships.
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Includes Integration Platform plus:
Create unique partner profiles and easily add users
Dedicated feedback and approval flows for submitted third-party apps
First and third-party notifications for partner-triggered events
Set required questionnaires for partners, including Terms of Service
Partner visibility on app metrics
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Integration Infrastructure, Partner Management, and Marketplace UI - All for One Price

Just starting out?

Ask us about Pandium Lite. Get all the power and flexibility of the platform (at a fraction of the cost). Now in beta.

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Casey Armstrong
Chief Marketing Officer

Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies.

Plus, our customer base benefits from  finding the best-in-class solutions for their ever evolving needs.

Natasha Persad
Director, Partner Marketing

Pandium helped us bring our Marketplace vision to life.

By creating a destination for users to find new Vena integrations, API access, and browse partner solutions, Vena customers can get more out of the platform.

Max Macdonald
Senior Product Manager

Pandium has been influential in getting added functionality that helps our clients directly with small effort on our end.

It also allows for our clients to be up to date on what we are working towards within the Pandium Marketplace.

Real Result for Customers

Avoided 200K in Infrastructure

ShipBob calculated building even a MVP of what Pandum does, without all its features, would cost 200k.

New Integrations 6x Faster

It was taking ShipBob 3-4 months to launch a new integration. Using Pandium, it only takes 3 weeks.

Native UX, Not iPaaS

After moving from using an iPaaS to Pandium, Gorgias saw a dramatic increase in customer integration adoption.

Reduced Engineering Cost by 70%

Shipbob was able to dramatically reduce the time engineers spent on maintenance, support, and bringing new integrations to market.