Learn how Vestwell partnered with Pandium to create a better customer and partner UX.

Learn how Pandium's end-to-end solution enabled Vestwell to scale integrations without diverting engineering resources.
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Learn how Vestwell scaled seamlessly with Pandium's end-to-end solution.

New Integrations Faster

With Pandium's robust infrastructure and easy to use platform, Vestwell can bring new integrations to market much more quickly than they could before.

Low Touch Customer UX

Vestwell was providing custom integration solutions to customers, which required a lot of resources from their engineering and customer teams; the new infra made the process low touch and scalable.

Avoided Traditional iPaaS

Vestwell's VP of Engineering had used a traditional iPaaS at a prior company and knew how expensive, time-consuming, and ill-suited it was for product integrations.

Retained Ownership of Configuration Code

Unlike if they had gone with a traditional iPaaS with proprietary connectors, Vestwell retains ownership of their configuration code which is written in their preferred language.

Became More Attractive to Tech Savvy Partners

With their new robust infrastructure and scalability, Vestwell positioned themselves to partner with the most tech savvy companies in the HR space.

Saved Significant Engineering Resources

Using Pandium's platform and professional services team, they did not need any internal engineering resources to build, maintain, and host integrations.