Quiz: Should You Build or Buy Your Integration Infrastructure?

Take our 'build vs. buy' quiz to find out whether you should build or buy your integration infrastructure. It factors in your team's expertise, technical readiness, business goals, and even your B2B organizations culture to help pinpoint the path that aligns with your company's unique stance.
Written by
Elizabeth Garcia, Product Marketing Manager
Published on
October 24, 2023

Now, more than ever, B2B SaaS companies are finding that it's not enough just to launch successful products. They also need to offer adaptable integrations that align with their main business offerings.

However, crafting an integration setup robust enough to deal with the complexity of SaaS isn't a small feat—it takes considerable technical talent and manpower, particularly for ongoing development, upkeep, and assistance.

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In the past, many B2B SaaS hit a wall with scarce reliable choices for entrusting the groundwork and evolution of intricate, high-demand integrations to third parties. But times have changed.

With the rise of specialized integration platforms and embedded iPaaS solutions, the field has opened up, presenting a critical decision: Should businesses construct their own in-house integration framework or lean on external tools?

Our 'build vs. buy' quiz is here to guide your decision-making. It factors in your team's expertise, your technical readiness, business goals, and even your organizational ethos to help pinpoint the path that aligns with your company's unique stance.

Take the Quiz

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