Migrate off of your low-code/no-code integration tool, and start building at scale with a code-first platform

Pandium offers a robust integration platform and a team of experts to ensure your migration from a low-code/no-code tool is seamless and efficient.

Our co-founders built Pandium after experiencing the frustrations of using workflow builders and no-code tools for building customer-facing integrations.

Your integrations are trapped in a black box system, leaving you with no ownership or flexibility.
You're restricted by the limited functionality of those tools, forcing you to wait on a third party to innovate and update.
Developers must learn a new workflow and acquire specialized knowledge specific to those tools.

The Solution

With Pandium, you'll work with a team of experts to create a tailored migration plan, and gain access to a powerful integration platform that allows you to develop and deploy integrations rapidly using code. Eliminate bottlenecks, enjoy full customization and control, simplify maintenance, and break free from the usual vendor-specific dependencies.
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"Maybe you want some of the no-code features the other platforms offer and are willing to relinquish control to get them. But, you’ll be at their mercy as a result. If that’s worth it to you, fine. For us, wanting full control added up to Pandium being a very solid fit for us."

Travis Logan
CTO and Co-Founder, Justuno

Why B2B SaaS companies trust Pandium

1 billion

records processed per month


companies use Pandium-powered integrations


in ARR enabled through Pandium

Make your migration and rebuild process quick and easy

Work with a team of integration experts

Our team, with decades of combined experience in integration projects, will work with you to understand your needs and get you started with Pandium. Get your first integration up in days, and smoothy migrate tenants with our support.

Access 300+ flexible connectors

Our connectors handle authentication and serve as secure gateways, allowing you to connect to any API and access all its endpoints. Because we don't heavily wrap our connectors, you don't have to wait for us to make updates when you want to add new functionality.

Develop highly custom integrations using code

Pandium facilitates faster development of integrations using code. Connect to your repository and set up 90% of an integration's code in one click using our Integration Development Kit. Developers can quickly code highly custom integrations locally using the languages and dev tools they already know.
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"We tried building integrations in-house and a traditional no-code embedded iPaaS tool, but nothing worked long-term. That’s why I’m so glad we found Pandium. Now, I know we’re set up for success today and far into the future."

Erik Christiansen
CEO, JustUno

Own your Integrations

With Pandium, your integrations aren't locked in a black box system. We're the only integration platform that facilitates faster integration development using code. This means that integrations developed with Pandium can run locally and are yours to keep, even if you decide to move on.

Build new integrations at scale

Forget building one-off integrations from scratch. Write a single script for an integration with all necessary configurations and use Pandium's release channels to deploy it to hundreds of customers, with the option to set unique configurations for each.

Innovate and update without bottlenecks

Effortlessly manage the CI/CD of your integrations through Pandium's source control process. Automatically deploy new changes across integration tenants as soon as they're detected in your repository, making it easy to update and enhance functionality as you scale.


Some of the most common questions we get asked. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Browse all FAQs.
How long does it take to learn to use the Integration Hub?
About three days. Other tools can take 6+ weeks!
How fast can I build integrations with Pandium?
Most users build their first integration within 2-4 weeks. Then, spend less than 2 weeks building subsequent integrations. That’s 12+ weeks faster than building integrations from scratch yourself!
Why shouldn’t I build a DIY integration infrastructure?
Would you build your own CRM or cloud infrastructure? Of course not, because you know that's inefficient and not your best use of resources.

Product integrations are the same. The Pandium platform instantly gives you the infrastructure you need to be successful with product integrations — no unpredictable expenses, long development cycles, or distracting senior developers with integration requests.
Why isn't Pandium no-code?
If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That’s the case with no-code integration tools.

They have rigid connectors that, in the end, almost always require developer involvement to work properly. But with the added complexity of coding around a visual builder and getting up to speed on a new system.

At Pandium, we’re proud of our code-first philosophy. Code isn't the enemy. It’s a powerful tool that enables you to build flexible, scalable, and affordable product integrations in record time.
What does onboarding and training look like?
It is very easy to learn how to use Pandium. Most customers get up to speed in about 3 days.

We take every customer through an onboarding process to ensure they’re comfortable. But if you ever need extra help, we’re here for you! Check out our docs for more guidance, or contact your dedicated account manager.
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