Connectors that let you access full API functionality, not just pre-defined actions.

Pandium connectors work differently. Other iPaaS tools wrap their connectors and only give users access to predefined actions and endpoints. If you want to customize your integration, you have to wait for them to update their connector. Pandium’s connectors provide a direct connection between two APIs, with no wrapping, so you have access to full API functionality when programming your integrations. Deploy integration updates whenever you want, no waiting for a 3rd party.

What a connector does

Other iPaaS platforms use the terms “connector” and “integration” interchangeably. We don’t do that. At Pandium, a connector is just one part of an integration.

Securely provide encrypted secrets

It allows us to securely provide the required encrypted secrets or tokens to the specific integration and instance combination.

Authentication for partner systems

Connectors are designed to accommodate the authentication requirements of partner systems, whether that involves an OAuth protocol, a simple API key, or a custom and proprietary method.

Save time and money

Pandium’s connectors, combined with our Integration Hub, enable our users to save time and money building and deploying integrations.

Building with Pandium

Here’s a breakdown of the work your engineering team would need to complete to build an integration from scratch in-house compared to building with Pandium.

DIY Integrations

  • On webhooks
  • On CRON
  • On API call
  • With UI
  • Make it configurable
  • Make it discoverable
  • CX support
  • Secret management
  • Configurable per instance
  • Runtime environment
  • Logging
  • Alerting
  • Versioning
  • Translation script
  • Learn/research authentication
  • Learn/research
  • API model

With Pandium

  • Translation script
  • Learn/research API model

How Pandium connectors are different from other iPaaS tools’ connectors

They’re lightweight

Our connectors focus solely on authorization, authentication, and receiving webhooks. They don’t interact with external APIs beyond these essential functions. This keeps our connectors lightweight so we can build them significantly faster than other platforms (in as little as 2 days). Allowing you to quickly integrate into all the apps in your tech stack—no more waiting for months for your iPaaS vendor to build the connector you need.

A direct connection between the APIs

Our connectors act as an authentication layer, allowing any API to talk to the Pandium Integration Hub. There is no “Pandium version” or “wrapper” around third-party APIs. This means our users have access to all the functionality of the API(s) they’re using, not just minimal pre-programmed functions and endpoints like with other iPaaS tools.

No waiting around for updates

Other platform’s connectors require frequent updates and maintenance. If the connectors you’re using are not high-priority, you might be waiting months or years for them to deploy bug fixes or new functionality. But with Pandium, your integration’s business logic is independent of our connectors. So you can deploy updates as often as you like via the Integration Hub with zero bottlenecks.

More benefits

No vendor lock-in

Program your integration business logic inside your own repository. That means you own your code and if you ever decide to leave Pandium you won’t lose your integrations. When you leave other iPaaS tools, you walk away with nothing.

No specialized programming language

Pandium is language agnostic. Unlike other tools, we don’t have a custom language or system that you must learn to use the platform.

No complicated UI

Drag-and-drop workflow builders can get overly complicated very quickly. Don’t feel like you’re navigating a maze instead of building an integration. Instead, Pandium is code-first and works with the programming tools you already use every day in your workflow.

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