Ecosystem Marketing is Your Next Growth Driver

Demonstrate the extensibility of your product to prospects, users, and vendors with a fully hosted partner and solutions directory.

Get a Public-Facing Partner Directory on Your Site in Hours Instead of Months


Customizable UI

Customize the UI of your public marketplace so it looks exactly like your brand.

Add categories, flags, and tags to help your customers sort and find what they are looking for.

Use HTML and CSS to customize banners, navigation bars, footers, and embed CRM forms.

Lead Generation Features

With the ability to embed CRM forms into integration marketing pages, gain insights to help inform your ecosystem roadmap.

Identify overlaps across leads, opportunities, and customers by sharing select data with partners.

Embed script tags to your Gallery to track SEO metrics and see customer behavior on the marketplace.


Co-Marketing Made Easy

Give partners access to your partner portal to submit their app and marketing materials for current or future integration listing - no code necessary.

Be notified when partners submit apps and marketing materials.

Onboard partners with ease and see all their associated onboarding information and marketing materials in one unified platform.

Our Clients

Casey Armstrong
Chief Marketing Officer

Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies.

Plus, our customer base benefits from  finding the best-in-class solutions for their ever evolving needs.

Natasha Persad
Director, Partner Marketing

Pandium helped us bring our Marketplace vision to life.

By creating a destination for users to find new Vena integrations, API access, and browse partner solutions, Vena customers can get more out of the platform.

Max Macdonald
Senior Product Manager

Pandium has been influential in getting added functionality that helps our clients directly with small effort on our end.

It also allows for our clients to be up to date on what we are working towards within the Pandium Marketplace.

Integration marketplace

Fast Track Your Ecosystem GTM Strategy

Whether you're starting to grow your ecosystem, or looking to scale your processes for co-marketing with tech partners, Pandium's infrastructure and intuitive UI makes getting started simple and quick.

Attract Customers and Partners

Users want to know if the solutions they choose will integrate with their tech stack.

Help every user see the value of your platform and attract partners with the opportunity to get access to customer bases in distinct, targetable segments.
Partner portal and analytics
Partners and install status

Build Social Proof and Brand Equity

Drive demand around your solution and service offerings. Create another marketing channel by exhibiting current and upcoming apps.

Build brand equity with reputable SaaS companies showcased on your website.

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