An End-to-End Integration Marketplace Solution

Our iMaaS provides the infrastructure you need to make your partners and customers happy. A customizable front-end Marketplace, an Admin Dashboard for customer support and marketing, and a Partner Portal make it easy for you and your partners to succeed.
Integration marketplace

Offer your customers the best integration experience


Customize your own world class marketplace

Like a CMS, your business users can change the fonts and styles to match your brand.

Add categories, filters, flags, and content so your customers can easily find the integrations that they need.

Enter text and media explaining what each integration does. Partners can submit marketplace materials for your approval.

Customers self-install and self-manage their integrations

Pandium provides a native integration experience. You and your partners set the business logic, not us.

Customers can self-install and self-manage integrations that were designed specifically for them, without needing to code or call customer support.

They can easily view their installed integrations and syncs, and update their configurations.

Enable your customer support team and your partners

Our Admin Dashboard gives your customer support team complete visibility into all your customers' integration activity, and enables them to run syncs and change configurations for customers.

Partners can submit their integrations and marketing materials, and view their own integration and customer activity.

We also power your presence in your partners' marketplaces.

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How Your Business Teams Use Pandium

Drive more revenue and attract more partners
Do not let a lack of developer resources block your growth.

Marketing and partnership users of Pandium can style your marketplace (with no code), update marketing information on each integration, and approve partners' submission of marketing materials.

In the Admin Dashboard, they can also easily see and track integration installs and usage by integration, by customer and by partner - key for showing ROI.

Putting a 'Wait List' or 'Coming Soon' tile in the marketplace can also help business teams show demand for particular integrations.
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How Your Product Team Uses Pandium

Ship integrations faster with a better UX
Product users can use the Admin Dashboard to see what integrations have been launched, and which customers are using them and how often. Use this data to track retention gains with integration adoption.

Review partner integration and marketing material submission in the Partner Portal, and publish, ask for revisions, or reject.

Easily access the configurations being offered for each integration, and confirm they are the ones that customers need. Use the Dashboard as a place to see all your integrations, even ones not being run on Pandium.
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How Developer Teams Use Pandium

Build native integrations faster
Developers love Pandium's language agnostic platform because it does not require learning an esoteric system.

Following two simple scripts, a junior developer can write the desired integration configuration in hours.

With Pandium, developers code as they normally would. Through an integration with your repo, the integration configurations and UI go live when it is published on your repo.

Developers can easily update the configurations any time by pushing the changes to their repo.
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How Your Customer Support Uses Pandium

Ensure customers love their integrations
In the Admin Dashboard, non-technical customer support teams can see customers' integration activity individually and at scale.

CS can be alerted if a partner system is down, and proactively notify customers of the problem.

CS can also view a customer's integration activity, run a sync, or change a customer's integration configurations to help them better meet their objectives.

In addition, CS can see which integrations are being used the most and how, which can help them make better recommendations to customers.

How Your Partners Use Pandium

A partner UX designed to scale your program
Your partners can log in to the portal and submit their marketing materials and integration for your approval.

From you, they will receive any requested changes or feedback. After they make any changes, you can publish their integration and it will go live on your marketplace.

Partners can view their integration activity and installs in the portal so they can track how well their integration to your app is doing.

If you choose to, you can provide customers with more information, like which of your customers tried to install their integration but didn't complete the installation.

How Your Customers Use Pandium

Customers never know Pandium is there
Pandium is completely white labeled so your customers never know it is there.

The customer UX that Pandium enables starts with their ability to search and filter your in-app marketplace.

After finding an integration they would like, if it is powered by Pandium, they can self-install it, selecting and updating their configurations as needed, without code or help from CS.

If the integration is hosted elsewhere, they can click from the marketplace to that workflow.

Customers can view their integration installs and activity from inside your app, and uninstall at any time.

How it Works

We do the technical heavy lifting
Pandium handles authentication, hosts your integrations, surfaces logs, errors, and analytics, and provides a customizable front-end UI - so you can quickly launch your own marketplace and enter the marketplaces of your partners.
Your CS team uses the Admin Dashboard to help customers
Customer support can view integration usage and failures, and help customers who experience problems. Proactively notify customers when a partner's API is down.
Gather data on your customers’ preferences
Add a waitlist feature to your marketplace, and track usage and attempted installs in order to track customer interest in different integrations.
Select your tech partners
Pandium can power existing or new integrations to nearly any system. Add more to your marketplace at any time, in days, not weeks or months. It only takes a junior engineer a few hours to code the configurations.
Customize and brand your marketplace
Your marketers customize your integration marketplace’s UI and your tiles in your partners’ marketplace. No coding needed.
Decide the configurations your customers need
You know your customers best - you decide what particular configurations your customers need between systems.
Pandium hosts behind the scenes
We handle hosting so you don’t have to worry about ensuring performance and affordability through usage spikes or sudden scaling.
Monetize your marketplace and drive more revenue
If you choose to, monetize your marketplace by using your new visibility into leads, usage and installs to revenue share or compensate referrals.
Partners submit integrations to your Partner Portal
Give your partners an excellent experience and efficiently scale your program with the white labeled Partner Portal. Partners can track activity, run reports, and submit materials and apps.

What our users are saying

Loop Returns
“Discovering, installing, and managing integrations has never been easier for our merchants.

They can easily manage integrations without additional support. Plus, our marketplace takes the guesswork out of system synchronization – all systems will sync seamlessly, with you in the driver’s seat.”

-Aaron Jewell, Senior Software Engineer
ShipBob logo
“With Pandium, we use 70 percent less engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster.

Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies. Plus, our customer base benefits from  finding the best-in-class solutions for their ever evolving needs.”

-Casey Armstrong, CMO
Gorgias Logo
“Pandium has been key to us going to market faster.

With minimal development resources, we have shipped integrations our customers love to use and opened up new channels of customer acquisition as prospects discover us in our partners' marketplaces. The Pandium team is always available to keep improving on those integrations.”

-Philippe Roireau, VP of Partnerships
Image Relay
"Pandium has been influential in not only getting added functionality that helps our clients directly with small effort on our end, but it also allows for our own clients to be up to date on what we are working towards within the Pandium Marketplace.

It gives them another avenue to ask questions and get the info they need to help them expand usage in our app. Keeping them (and us) happy!”

-Max MacDonald, Product
Vestwell logo
"Pandium allows us to partner with technology first companies while we keep focus on our core product.

The traditional iPaaS provided a proprietary environment with a high barrier to entry. We really like that Pandium is code first, and we can get the code rather than rely on a black box system."

-Ed Burnett, VP of Engineering
“Pandium provides the end-to-end infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with the integrations they need.

Thanks to Pandium, our tech partners can build and submit integrations to our platform, while my engineering team knocks out the projects only we can tackle.”

-Bharat Chopra, General Manager, Integration Center
“It had long been a goal of ours to establish a digital connection with LeagueApps. Thanks to the great work of the team at Pandium, we were able to connect our tech teams to turn that goal into a reality.

Pandium allowed us to seamlessly integrate with LeagueApps’ expansive client base, and our business continues to see great results.”

-Phil Wallace, VP of Business Development

Integration Marketplace

Our white labeled integration marketplace has a front-end UI and integration connectors that save you over 70 percent of your developer time. We power your integration marketplace and your presence in the marketplaces of your larger customers.

Admin Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard is where your team manages your marketplace and your integrations. You can view all integration installs and activity, by customer, by integration, and by partner. Easily update your marketing materials, review and approve partner submissions, and troubleshoot.
Analytics and dashboard
Partner portal and analytics

Partner Portal

Your partners can submit their integration, manage their marketplace tile, and view usage and installs in the portal. You can review any submissions, provide feedback, and, when ready, publish to your marketplace.

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