Download the analysis on the top 50 tech partner programs

Learn how leading companies are designing their programs to drive growth. Includes program structure, monetization, and developer and go-to-market resources.

Learn How Top Programs are Structured


Program Management

Understand why 91% of top programs have a partner portal and what functionality and content they must contain to be effective.

Monetization Models

There are 8 different tactics that top programs use to monetize. 50% revenue share, and most combine more than one tactic.

Links to Guides and Legal Agreements

An Index contains links to all the publicly available program guides, program overviews, partner, developer, and marketplace legal agreements, and API docs from the top 50 programs.

Technical Requirements

In order to drive growth, integrations must be maintained and perform well. Find out what tech requirements and resources platforms offer.

Business Development Requirements

Partners obtain the highest status in tech partner programs when they drive revenue. Learn what business development requirements and resources top platforms establish.

Program Structure

Learn what entry level requirements are for joining the program, how common the tiered structure is, and termination policies.

Download the analysis of 50 top tech partner programs

Understand how leading companies are structuring and monetizing their tech partnerships

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