Download the Definitive Guide to Marketing Integrations with Tech Partners
Learn how to maximize co-marketing opportunities, market integrations, and build marketplace listings. Read best practices for identifying ideal partners, generating leads, and tracking results.
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Download the Case Study

Download the Guide for Maximizing Your Co-Marketing Results, with Contributions From Partner Marketing Leaders

Read best practices for identifying ideal co-marketing partners, building brand awareness, generating leads, engaging in product and customer marketing, and tracking results together.

Brand Building and Lead Generation

Understand the co-marketing techniques you can use to build your brand and acquire more leads from campaigns, integration marketplaces, and data sharing.

Contributions from Leading Partner Marketers

Partner marketers from leading companies share their advice on tracking results, SEO, data sharing, and best practices for partner coordination.

Ideal Partner Profile Template and Guide

Get a template that helps you evaluate potential partners for co-marketing campaigns and activities, as well as tactics for attracting ideal partners.

Integration and Customer Marketing

Read the type of resources and marketplace listings you can create in order to tell customers and prospects why and how they should adopt your product.

Co-Marketing to Other Audiences

Learn tactics and value props for co-marketing to the different audiences of tech partners, like developers and other partners.

Co-Marketing Plans and Internal Team Structure

Get a "Co-marketing Plan Template," which breaks down what you should include in a co-marketing agreement with your partners, and advice on team structure.