Download the report on product integrations at the SaaS 1000

Discover the latest insights on SaaS partner programs, including integration user stories, app marketplaces, and technology partner co-marketing. Our team analyzed the 1000 fastest growing SaaS companies to provide you with valuable data on their APIs, integrations, and marketplaces.

Learn What Successful SaaS are Doing for Integrations


SaaS Product Integrations

Learn how many product integrations the fastest growing SaaS companies offer, and how this differs depending on the SaaS product category. Discover which products offer the most integrations, and which offer the least.

External APIs

See how many of the 1000 top SaaS companies offer external APIs, how many publicly document their APIs, and how many encourage third party developers to build on their product.

Integration Marketplaces

Find out how many companies have public integration marketplaces. Learn what the best integration marketplaces offer in terms of design and functionailty, and see the best integration marketplaces for each SaaS product category.

Third Party Integrations

An early step for many companies is to offer a third party integration tool like Zapier to their customers. Find out how many companies in each product category provide this option.

Company Size

Read how company size and other factors, like the profile of the customer base, affect the number of integrations a company provides their customers.

Industry and Product Category Data

Find out what 11 different SaaS product categories are doing with integrations so you can have data for your industry.
"As a partnerships leader, it's hard to come by good data on how valuable integrations are. This report fixes that, meticulously documenting what growing SaaS companies are doing when it comes to product integrations.

Highly recommended for anyone who is trying to understand the market, or who is looking to rally executives and other departments around building more integrations."
Paul Martin, Namely and Schoology Partnerships alum

Download the report on product integrations at the SaaS 1000

Understand exactly what successful SaaS companies are doing when it comes to integrations

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