Find out whether you should build or buy your integration infrastructure
Learn about integration infrastructure and whether building or buying is the best choice for your business with our helpful worksheet. Make informed decisions and streamline your processes with ease.
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Download a worksheet on building vs buying your integration infrastructure

Understand when you should build and when you should buy

Core Expertise

Examine whether this skillset is in your core area of expertise or if your engineers are focused on other types of problems.

Current Progress

How much of your integration infrastructure have you already built? Was it built to scale?

Current Objectives

What functionality are you hoping to see with your integrations? Would you like to offer your customers a self-serve experience and an integration marketplace?

Technical Expertise

Building integration infrastructure requires a time of senior develops who can do backend and front-end work. Do you have the expertise and resources in house to dedicate to the task?

Business Objectives

How quickly are you trying to scale your tech partner program and how would you like to see it scale? You may not have time to build it from scratch.

Internal Culture

Did you build your own CRM? Do you like to build everything from scratch even when there are products available? If so, you may wish to build this too.