Discover the 5 stages of tech partner programs

This infosheet documents the 5 stages of tech partner programs across 9 different categories, including APIs, team structure, and KPIs.

5 Stages of Growth



A more mature tech partner program will have a public API with great documentation that has beeen thoroughly vetted by customers and partners. Less mature programs will have a less robust API.

Team Size

Team size grows and expand its purvuew as a program grows. Starting with a tech partnerships manager, a program will evolve to have developers, product managers, marketers as well as a partnerships VP.

App Marketplace

Early programs do not have an app marketplace. More mature programs will build an in-app as well as a public marketplace where customers can discover integrations. Categories, search, reviews, and purchasing may be added.

Third Party Developer Support

More mature tech partner programs not only have public APIs with good documentation, they also make it clear where developers can get support when they run into problems or questions.

Partner UX

Young programs have ad hoc partner onboarding and relationships. More mature programs prioritize an excellent UX for partners and make it easy for partners to get the information they need when they need it.

Tracking Results

Mature tech partner programs track the results of their integrations and tech partnerships. This includes tracking their impact on infuencing deals, new leads and referrals, and retention.

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