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We discussed how Pandium is different than an iPaaS, and the factors that determine why and when a tool should be yes or no code.

Why Yes Code and Workflow Automation vs Integration


Why Yes Code

No code is trending and it has its place, but ultimately digitial transformation is yes code. Yes code recognizes that no matter how much business users are enabled by visual builders, code will continue to drive innovation.

Workflow Automation vs Integration

Workflow automation is different than integration. Automation is when we can set up our tasks to work without human intervention. Integration requires building a bridge between two different systems.

iPaaS vs iMaaS

iPaaS's were built for internal workflow automation so companies could have all their systems connected. An iMaaS like Pandium, in contrast, is for SaaS companies to provide their customers with integrations.

Developer Friendly Tools

Many iPaaS's have visual builders that are designed for business users but end up requiring developers to achieve business objectives. We discuss why this can be the worst of all worlds.

Scaling Customer Integrations

When it comes to offering your customers' integrations, you have to be prepared to deal with issues of scale. You may have thousands of customer accounts all using a few integrations each.

Future of Integration

Traditionally, companies have had to integrate the systems they were using themselves. But the market is shifting to where SaaS companies are providing integrations to their customers out of the box.

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