From Frustration to Solution

iPaaS’s were built for internal workflow automation, and in their previous roles, our founders discovered that using one to build an in-app marketplace turned out to be exorbitantly expensive and labor intensive.

So, they decided there had to be a better way. They went to work building the first iMaaS — integration marketplace as a service.

The First iMaaS

Every element of an iMaaS is designed to empower SaaS companies to build and enter integration marketplaces at record speed. With an iMaaS’s customizable front-end, marketing and CS dashboard, and partner portal, SaaS companies can quickly drive real revenue, attract more partners, and increase customer retention through their product integrations.

Our developer friendly tool is built to make life easier on every end. With Pandium, developers write a simple configuration script in their language of choice and the platform handles all the other dev work.

Today, Pandium is composed of a team of integration and partnership experts who have extensive experience in all verticals of SaaS, from fintech to martech to ecommerce. We are united in a common goal of empowering our clients to fully leverage product integrations to drive revenue and increase customer retention.

Our Values

Satisfied customers
Good job

Our Founders

Cristina Flaschen
CEO and Founder

Cristina has worked in technology for over 15 years, running technical implementation, professional services and sales engineering teams for enterprise software consultancies and B2B SaaS. She managed her first product integration project in 2007 and has been obsessed with helping software companies solve interoperability problems ever since (and this makes her real popular at parties).

Shon T. Urbas
CTO and Founder

Shon has over 20 years experience designing, implementing and scaling applications and systems in SasS. Having used iPaaS's for many years, he wanted to help build a new breed of iPaaS (an iMaaS!); one that doesn’t force you to code with mittens.

Our Investors