Why Pandium?

Our co-founders have over thirty years of experience in software integrations. At their prior companies, they integrated their SaaS application with other SaaS applications for their many customers to use. In doing this, they realized that legacy integration platforms were completely ill-suited to the task.

Legacy integration platforms were built for internal enterprise integrations with one company account. Using legacy integration platforms to build an in-app marketplace with many end users proved to be exorbitantly expensive and require a great deal of internal engineering resources.

Pandium’s co-founders decided there had to be a better way. They built a sleek integration platform designed specifically to empower SaaS companies to build and enter in-app marketplaces. Using Pandium, Saas companies can give all their customers the connectivity they require.

Pandium’s co-founders were also committed to designing a developer friendly tool. They saw firsthand developers’ frustration at having to learn a specialized system and code around clunky and fixed pre-built connecters that were supposed to be easy to use. Developers on our platform can write a simple script in any language to configure their integrations, while we take care of everything else.

Today, Pandium is composed of a team of integration and partnership experts who have extensive experience in all verticals of SaaS, from fintech to martech to ecommerce. We are united in a common goal of empowering our customers and partners to experience true connectivity and deliver a seamless experience to all of their customers.

Team Members

Our Founders

Cristina Flaschen CEO and Founder
Shon T. Urbas CTO and Founder


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