Native integrations with zero in-house resources

Don't let a lack of developer resources block revenue and growth. Let the Pandium App Team build and manage native integrations that meet your customers' and partners' needs.
Integration marketplace

Provide Native Integrations without Developers


Deploy an Extension of Your Engineering Team

No need to pull your engineers from core product development to build, maintain or support integrations.

Acting as an extension of your engineering team, your Pandium App Team quickly becomes an expert in your API and use cases.

With hundreds of pre-built connectors and expertise in coding business logic, our App Team can get your native product integrations out in record time.

Get Native Integrations to Market Faster

Unlock new deals, and prevent the loss of customers due to an inability to commit to new integration builds.

Launch your own world class marketplace in weeks, and enter the marketplaces of others in days. 

Develop a predictable integration release schedule that your partners and customers can rely on.

Gain Deep Integration

We have decades of experience and expertise coding integration business logic across a wide variety of systems.

Knowledgable across many verticals, your App Team enables you to completely avoid the hassle of juggling multiple agencies and vendors.

This expertise combined with the infrastructure of a powerful platform enable us to build higher quality integrations faster.
Partner portal and analytics

Launch More Tech Partnerships

Often tech partners are ready to form a GTM relationship, but no one has the resources to build or support an integration.

With your Pandium App Team, you avoid long waits for developer resources, juggling multiple dev agencies, or getting unreliable apps that can't scale.

You can quickly release robust, native integrations that your partners and customers will love.

Native, Flexible Integrations

Use cases grow and business needs change rapidly.

Your Pandium App Team can manage ongoing integration updates due to changing products and APIs or new customer requests.

Our powerful Admin Dashboard gives your non-technical teams complete visibility into integration usage and logs so they can understand which integrations are driving real business value and customer satisfaction.
Partners and install status
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Better Customer Experiences

It is no longer enough just to "connect" to other apps. Customers want integrations that are tailored to their use case and enable true interoperability.

With decades of integration experience and a platform that provides robust integration infrastructure, you can be assured that your Pandium App Team will build native integrations your customers love to use.

Customers can easily discover, install, configure, and use Pandium-powered integrations on their own, which drives integration adoption and retention.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Philippe Roireau
VP of BD &

"The App Team enables us to build a proof of concept for a new market quickly, without diverting resources.

This helps us test out new markets and decide whether we want to invest even more in  deeper integrations.

The App Team has been supportive and engaged, providing proactive customer service."

Manisha Taparia
Director of

"When it comes to the nuts and bolts of accomplishing our goals, Pandium has really enabled us.

The responsiveness is very high, and we are super pleased.

What I have appreciated is how quickly any challenges have been addressed. Pandium is truly invested in our success."

Ed Burnett
Vice President of Engineering

"Engineers should focus on their core product, which is a company’s main value add.

Pandium has a strong professional services arm.

We have reoccurring meetings and they're highly responsive in working with us if things need tweaking or we request product features."

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