Pandium Product Updates 12.1.20

Natalie Petruch-Trent

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Pandium! In the spirit of the season, we’ve dropped a few features that you don’t have to wait to unwrap.

Custom Categories & 'My Integrations' Page

With the ease of building integrations on Pandium, we’ve seen our customers' Marketplaces explode. To give your users an even better experience, we’ve introduced custom categories. Now you can organize the apps in your marketplace by whatever categories you choose. This makes it easier than ever for your customers to quickly find the apps they need.

In addition, you can now elect to give your customers a "My Integrations" page. This page enables them to see and manage their installed apps in one place. They can then click on your Marketplace to find new integrations.

Custom Integration Sync Schedule Defaults

While your customers have always had the ability to adjust their sync schedule to meet their specific needs on Pandium, we now make it easier than ever to guide your users to their perfect sync schedule. On the Admin Dashboard you can select an integration specific default sync schedule for all new installs of your integrations. Additionally, you’re able to choose whether the integration should default to being paused or unpaused.

Increased Search Functionality in the Admin Dashboard

To match our recently created User Info resource within the Admin Dashboard, we’ve expanded the search functionality of our Admin Dashboard Tenant search. Now you are able to search both by your tenant ID as well as any other unique identifier.

General Fixes & UI Improvements

As always, we continue to improve and update the look and feel of Pandium. Some updates include a new streamlined Integration Edit page within the Admin Dashboard, limiting the ability to run a sync when one is already in progress, and expanding configuration options.

Want to see the new features in action? Request a demo here.

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