Pandium Product Updates July 2023

Kelvin Franklin

We’ve been hard at work refining various parts of our platform. We're excited to announce several new features, as well as give a sneak peek of what we’ve got in the pipeline.

Integration Release Channels

This will be an extension of our current release channel functionality that will apply at the integration level. You can then build release versions and have your integrations automatically update their versioning depending on your release channel settings.

You’ll also be able to define the behavior of any tenants that your customers install through your marketplace, so you don’t have to worry about what app versions your customers are running on, as they’ll also be updated according to your settings. Learn more about this here.

Tenant Release Channels

A much-requested feature, Pandium now has its first implementation of release channels! 

When setting up or editing any of your tenants, you now have the ability to set a specific release version as normal, or to select a Default or Latest channel, which will allow your tenants to update to a set default release version, or automatically stay in-line with whatever your most recently-built release is. Learn more about our tenant release channels here.

Connector Information

Some of your tenants may be using connectors that would benefit from having extra information that you want to surface via the UI - certain webhook integrations as a prime example - there is an 'Info' button that will display under the connector name on the tenant detail page.

This will be grayed-out if there is no such information set. This information is set by Pandium, so if there’s any useful information such as webhook information or special docs you want to showcase here, let us know and we’ll work with you!

Category/Sub-category Views & Filtering

We’ve further refined our app marketplace views so that your users can have a more intuitive view of different app categories and subcategories. On top of being able to customize your categories and subcategories, you’ll be able to showcase subcategories to users in a more visible way. Check out the functionality here.

Featured Apps Marketplace Carousel

We’ve added another highly requested feature to the app marketplace part of the Pandium platform. Pandium user’s now have the option to showcase apps on their user-facing marketplace with a “Featured” carousel. 

Apps added to the carousel will display above the rest of your apps and can be customized as needed. Check out more about this feature here.

Example “Featured” carousel on a user-facing app marketplace 

Pandium users can choose to toggle on the carousel feature along with other user-facing marketplace settings.

Minor UX Updates

We’ve got a couple of minor admin dashboard updates we also wanted to highlight! First, we now have a feature that allows you to increase the page size when viewing activity and tenants, so that you can edit larger amounts of content as needed.

We’ve also made some minor UX changes to the tenant list. Extra information that was coming from the integration has been moved, tenant names are front and foremost so that navigating to particular tenants is simpler.

Upcoming Features

We have a couple other features close to release that we want to make sure you keep your eye on!

Integration Creation FTUX 

We’re putting some work into our integration creation, release management, and submission process so that it’s smoother and more linear, making it easier for both you and your partners to create apps. Building new release versions and connecting to repositories will be easier than ever!

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