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How Gorgias accelerated customer procurement with Pandium

Gorgias overcame integration challenges with Pandium, launching integrations faster with minimal internal resources. Pandium's platform analytics streamlined monitoring for enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced time to value.
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Use Cases

Build product integrations

Enter partner marketplaces

The Challenge

Gorgias experienced rapid growth in its customer base. However, the partnerships team faced challenges in obtaining sufficient internal product and engineering resources to launch all the integrations that customers were requesting.

Traditional iPaaS solutions placed a burden on Gorgias's customers, requiring them to learn and pay for a new tool. This hurt app adoption and resulted in decreased customer satisfaction.

The Solution

With Pandium, Gorgias's partnerships team could swiftly launch integrations that their customers truly appreciated, all without demanding extensive internal engineering resources.

They made use of Pandium's App Team to handle the business logic of these integrations, essentially considering Pandium as an extension of their developer team, as Philippe Roireau mentions.

Compared to iPaaS tools, Pandium outperformed in terms of customer adoption. It provided a frictionless, white-labeled customer experience that iPaaS solutions couldn't match.

Pandium's platform analytics proved invaluable for Gorgias, enabling them to monitor the positive impact of these integrations on customer retention and satisfaction, significantly reducing the time it takes to realize the value of tech partnerships.

The Results

The Full Story

Rapid Growth

Gorgias, a prominent customer support platform tailored for e-commerce, empowers more than 4,500 merchants to enhance their customer service. Given that half of their revenue is generated through partnerships, Gorgias recognizes the high value on technology partnerships.

However, they faced a challenge due to the limited availability of internal product and engineering resources needed to execute all the integrations planned on their roadmap. Philippe Roireau, their VP of Business Development and Partnerships, recognized that expanding their integrations with partners' applications would not only attract new customers but also enhance retention rates and merchant satisfaction.

Exploring the world of iPaaS solutions

Due to limited internal engineering resources, Gorgias turned to iPaaS solutions as a potential remedy.

However, these iPaaS tools posed significant challenges for Gorgias's merchants. Users had to adapt to a new system to configure integrations, often requiring an additional subscription, leading to dissatisfaction and low adoption rates.

Recognizing the need for an alternative approach to advance their technology partnerships, Philippe shifted his focus.

His primary goal became the development of a BigCommerce integration that could be featured in the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace.

This step was vital for Gorgias's continued market growth and customer satisfaction.

Choosing Pandium

Unlike iPaaS solutions, Pandium offers the infrastructure to deliver a seamless native integration experience to customers. Philippe appreciated that Pandium allowed them to offer a branded, native experience to their merchants.

With Pandium’s an App Team, Gorgias could reduce its reliance on internal engineering resources when launching native integrations.

Additionally, Pandium supported Gorgias's presence within the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace, a feature unavailable with iPaaS solutions.

Gorgias considered the option of hiring developer agencies to create integrations but realized this approach wasn't scalable due to cost and workflow considerations.

Integrations require ongoing support and maintenance, and developer agencies typically specialized in specific systems. Managing multiple relationships and payments with various agencies would be impractical.

Gorgias opted for Pandium's platform and App Team to handle integration coding efficiently and with minimal internal engineering resources. This allowed them to scale integrations through a single, comprehensive platform.

Building a BigCommerce integration

Gorgias's first integration using Pandium was with BigCommerce. Leveraging Pandium's App Team, they received valuable expertise and experience that expedited the integration's development and placement within BigCommerce's Apps Marketplace.

The App Team played a crucial role in defining user requirements, configuring the integration, and offering insights into Gorgias's API design.

They also had in-depth knowledge of BigCommerce's UI requirements. Pandium's white-labeled UI ensured that the integration aligned with Gorgias's branding while meeting BigCommerce's specifications.

Pandium provided training for Gorgias's customer support team, equipping them to assist merchants encountering any issues with their BigCommerce integration.

Customer Adoption

Pandium's platform is specifically designed to enable a client's customers to easily self-install and self-manage their integrations, eliminating the need to learn a new tool or system.
Gorgias experienced a noticeable uptick in adoption thanks to the integration built using Pandium.

Philippe explained, "While using iPaaS- powered integrations, we often struggled to achieve even a couple of hundred installs. However, with Pandium, we can easily achieve 50 installs within just a couple of weeks.

"It's all about providing a seamless customer experience and leveraging white-labeling to simplify developer resources and sign-in processes, ultimately driving broader adoption."

Pandium's platform offers comprehensive analytics, allowing Gorgias to access detailed data on each integration and user. Individual merchants using Gorgias can review their own logs, while Gorgias's support team can access logs for all their users.

Gorgias's non-technical customer support team utilized these logs to assist merchants in resolving any integration- related issues. This proactive support approach ensures consistently high customer satisfaction levels. Additionally, Gorgias observed an increase in customer retention when merchants installed these integrations.

Launching more integrations

Pandium's platform provides clear visibility into usage and installations, allowing partnerships to demonstrate the significant business impact of integrations by connecting them to metrics like customer retention, satisfaction scores, and LTV.

"A lot of iPaaS's put the billing and configuration burden on the merchant. We want to provide more value to our clients so we want to take care of that for them."

Gorgias was highly satisfied with the BigCommerce integration experience, leading them to use Pandium to build integrations for Trustpilot, ShipBob, and Netsuite, with plans for more in the pipeline.

Another aspect Philippe appreciates about Pandium is its suitability for launching native integrations easily, making it a valuable platform for testing new markets and integrations.

"Pandium enables us to swiftly create a proof of concept for a new market without drawing resources away from our core product. This allows us to explore new markets and determine whether deeper integration investments are worthwhile."

Pandium as a partner

Many tech partnership teams miss out on valuable opportunities due to limited internal resources. According to Philippe, several key integrations developed on Pandium wouldn't have been possible otherwise due to these resource constraints.

"Pandium allows us to deliver more value to customers faster."

Moreover, the Pandium team provides excellent support and engagement, offering proactive customer service.

We wouldn't get this level of support from any other provider. Pandium has been truly invaluable."

"Our partnership with Pandium has significantly influenced our sales, enabling us to close larger deals more rapidly, and has contributed to our success by reducing churn. This is achieved through their efficient process of scoping, building, and launching new integrations. Having a trusted partner who understands our product and API and provided excellent ongoing support is immensely reassuring for both our customers and employees."
Pandium enables us to unlock new market value from product partnerships much faster. It's a godsend.
Philippe Roireau
VP of Business Development & Partnerships, Gorgias

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