Pandium vs. other iPaaS platforms

Pandium and other iPaaS tools both make it easier to create native integrations.

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Why you should choose a different iPaaS platform

There are other great embedded iPaaS tools on the market. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if:

You’re a smaller company hoping for a few basic integrations

You’re ok with trading flexibility for simplicity

Your integrations only need to handle a few predefined workflows that won’t need frequent updates or new functionality.

Integrations are not a strategic initiative for your company

You don’t see integrations as a path toward growth and retention. To you, integrations are a box to check, not a key feature you want to offer customers.

Your engineers will not own your integration projects

You require a drag-and-drop builder. Non-technical employees will be the ones building and maintaining your integrations

A learning curve doesn’t scare you

Your team has time to dedicate to learning the ins and outs of a new workflow builder UI. Your engineers are available to step in when non-technical folks get stuck.

Why you should choose Pandium

Pandium is a great product made by a great team. We’ll be a better fit if:

You’re a larger company looking to scale your integration strategy but haven't been able to prioritize due to lack of time or resources

You only need a few integrations, but they’re very complex

You need to build a lot of simple integrations very quickly

You need to build a lot of integrations very quickly, and they’re very complex

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“Pandium helped us integrate into the newest leading e-commerce channels. Within less than a year, we had 100+ merchants live and processed millions of orders. It happened in such a short time. That would not have been possible without Pandium."

Manisha T.
Sr. Director of Platform Partnerships, ShipBob

You’re unhappy with your existing iPaaS tool

Key features that you need are missing

You need help migrating your existing integrations so your end-users’ experiences are not interrupted

Their run-based pricing model has been significantly higher than you originally expected

Their customer support is lacking, or you’re waiting too long for them to deploy the updates/fixes you requested.

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“I would absolutely recommend Pandium to other SaaS companies. It was a very distinct fit for us. The other alternatives were all in similar buckets, but Pandium was in a very different bucket that was a perfect fit."

Travis Logan
CTO, Justuno

You need a partner who will advise you on integration strategy and best practices

Our team of integration engineers and partnerships leaders have 40+ years of experience and work closely with you to help you plan and achieve your integration goals.

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“With Pandium, things just became a lot easier. It felt like we were in good hands the whole time."

Gautam Chowdhry
Senior Director of Product Management, LeagueApps

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Pandium is on a different path than the other iPaaS tools

All iPaaS tools help you create native integrations. So, what makes Pandium different in the grand scheme of things?

We take a code-first approach to building integrations

Other tools
Force you to use drag-and-drop workflow builders that limit your integrations’ flexibility and control.
Lets your team build integrations with full access to all API functionality and endpoints. Connect directly to your repository and program using a language you’d like. You own all the code you write, not us.

What type of customer service will you receive?

Other tools
It may take them weeks or months to build the new connectors you need. If you request bug fixes or new functionality, you’ll have to wait for them to deploy connector updates.
We’ll build any new connectors you need in a few days (free of charge). Our engineers have decades of experience and will advise you on integration strategy and best practices.

What type of integrations will your customers receive?

Other tools
Don’t allow custom configurations for your different users.
Your users can find and install integrations themselves and configure them based on the settings you choose to give them. Your customer support team does not need to be involved.

Where are engineering dollars going?

Other tools
Creating and maintaining bloated connectors into popular enterprise apps. (Learn how Pandium connectors are designed differently)
Building new features that make it faster and easier than ever for engineers at B2B SaaS companies to build integrations.

Questions to ask Pandium and other iPaaS tools you’re considering

Dig deeper to figure out which solution is right for you.

Connections to APIs and Applications

What kind of pre-built connectors do you offer, and how often do you update or add new ones?
We have a library of 300+ connectors and counting, and we’re adding more every month!
Is there a fee for adding new connectors, and how is the connector roadmap prioritized?
Nope! If you don’t see the connector you need in our library, we'll build a new connector for you free of charge. The prioritization for our connectors is 100% demand-driven.
What do your connectors handle? Anything outside of handling the authentication?
Learn more about how our connectors work here.

Customization & Flexibility

Can we directly access and manipulate API requests and responses for more granular control and customization?
Yes. Because Pandium facilitates direct connections between systems and APIs, the functionality of your integration is only limited to what is possible with the APIs or systems being integrated.
Can you provide examples of how your platform has handled complex integration scenarios?
We support a wide range of complex and custom integration needs and offer your end-users intuitive, dynamic field mapping unique to their system, trigger-specific logic mapping, variable flow configurations, and combination webhook and cron-based integrations. Reach out if you’d like us to give specific customer examples.

Visibility & Debugging

What tools and features do you provide for monitoring and debugging integrations?
Our customer-facing logs are customizable, allowing you to programmatically code error and warning messages and define varying levels of logging for potential debugging scenarios. Integrate logs into your APM system like AppInsights, Coralogix, etc, for enhanced alerting.
Are we able to gain visibility into the raw API requests and responses within your platform?
Yes, we display the logs within our system, and customers may surface those within the integration marketplace.

Performance & Reliability

How do you ensure the reliability and performance of integrations, particularly for complex or high-volume data operations?
We actively engage with our customers to understand their usage needs and ensure that all requirements are met. Our engineering team diligently works behind the scenes to manage and scale our systems, guaranteeing that performance remains smooth and uninterrupted.
Can you share examples of how your platform has handled performance optimization and reliability challenges in real-world scenarios?
Over 1 billion records are processed through integrations powered by Pandium each month. 20 million+ orders are processed per month through our ecommerce integrations alone. See our customer stories here.


What is the learning curve for our developers? Will they need to undergo specialized training to use the platform? What support do you offer?
Learning how to use our platform takes about three days, whereas other tools usually take 6+ weeks! With Pandium, developers can use their existing tools and processes to develop locally as they normally would when creating an API integration.
How does your pricing model scale with increased usage or data volume? Are there thresholds that, once exceeded, significantly increase costs?
Pay a flat fee for the platform and then only pay per tenant. Tenants can use your integration as often as they'd like without it increasing costs. Pricing is not based on API calls, so it is predictable. Pay the same price no matter what apps you connect to.
What options are available if we find our initial usage estimates are significantly different from actual usage? How flexible is your billing in accommodating this change?
Our pricing is not based on API calls or any other structures that make it challenging to predict pricing at scale. Pay the same price each month to use the platform and only pay for the tenants who actively use your integration in a given month.

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Why B2B SaaS companies trust Pandium

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Nick S
Mid-Market Software Company
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"With Pandium, we use 70% fewer engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster."

Casey A
CMO, ShipBob
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"Discovering, installing, and managing integrations has never been easier for our users"

Aaron J
Senior Software Engineer, Loop Returns
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"Pandium provides the end-to-end infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with the integrations they need"

Bharat C
GM of Integration Center, LeagueApps
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