Let customers discover, install, and manage native integrations. All from inside your app.

The In-App Marketplace is an embedded solution that displays all your software integrations in one place. Customize the UI and listings and launch your fully hosted app store in under one week.
Integration marketplace

Grow Your Ecosystem of Apps and Add-Ons

Increase integration adoption with an In-App Marketplace


Fully embedded inside your application

We use an iFrame to embed a custom integration marketplace into your software. So your customers can find and install integrations without ever leaving your app.

Styled to fit your brand

Easily edit the marketplace UI to fit the look and feel of your brand. No coding necessary. And everything is 100% white labeled. Your users won't even know Pandium exists.

Display all your integrations

Feature all your integrations regardless of who built them. The marketplace can display integrations you build, your partners build, or ones built with Pandium's Integration Hub.
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Key Features

• Build and update your marketplace listings with a simple no-code CMS.

• Add your own logo, colors, and fonts.

• Collect key analytics for your marketplace and integrations. Easily share metrics with your technology partners.

• Add categories and flags to listings to help your users sort and find the integrations they're looking for.

• Add and update your own content and marketing materials for all the listings in your marketplace.

• Let your technology partners submit integrations they build. Get notified when new submissions are made, then provide feedback or approve them for publishing.

Integration marketplace

Style Your Marketplace

Your marketers or partnership team can have a CMS-like experience, customizing your integration marketplace’s UI without code.

Add your logo, colors, and font so the aesthetic seamlessly aligns with your app.

Choose relevant product categories and flags, and specify the content and media for each integration.

Pick Connectors

Pick the integrations you want to offer your customers, and easily add new ones at any time.

In your marketplace, you can feature integrations you have already built (linking to the current workflow), partner-built and -hosted integrations, and integrations you choose to run on Pandium.

Pandium can also power your presence in the marketplaces of your partners.
Your app connecting to any other app so your customers can self-serve
Analytics and dashboard

Monitor and Update

View how your customers are using your marketplace and understand which integrations they are most interested in.

Review and publish partner integrations and share analytics with partners.

Easily add new integrations, update existing configurations, and update the marketing materials and marketplace UI.

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