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From a spec doc template and pre-development survey to an integration prioritization framework - connect your business goals to your integration implementation and deliver valuable solutions to your users.
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Download the Case Study

Download the Toolkit and Connect Your Business Goals to Integration Implementation

Streamline your integration projects and deliver value to your users.

Spec Doc Template

Our Specification Document Template will help you create well-structured and detailed documentation that aligns your team and stakeholders and speeds up development.

Pre-Development Survey

What information should you gather before starting an integration development project? This document provides guidance on gathering the right feedback and insights before development.

Integration Prioritization Framework Template

This framework will help you evaluate and rank your integration opportunities based on factors such as business value, technical feasibility, and user impact.

Integration Best Practices from a CTO

Our Integration Best Practices Document offers practical guidelines to avoid common integration pitfalls and tips for building robust and maintainable integrations that meet your users' needs and expectations.

Uncover Valuable Insights for your Integration Design and Development

Get practical tips to engage in user research that informs your integration roadmap and user stories in order to design solutions that resonate with them.

Business Case to Use Cases to Data Mapping Example

This template demonstrates a high level example of how to translate a high-level integration concept into concrete use cases and data mapping diagrams that support your business requirements and goals.