View the e-commerce partnerships roundtable with leaders in the field

Partnership leaders from PayPal, SAP, Omnisend, and Crossbeam discuss the state of the market, best practices, KPIs, and how to find partners.

E-commerce Partnership Landscape


State of the Market

PayPal's Richard Gilbert shares his thoughts on how e-commerce has evolved since 1997. Vanessa Liu of SAP discusses what areas of e-commerce are experiencing the most growth.

Finding Partnerships

Panelists discuss the balance between currently shared customers, and future growth when deciding whom to partner with. Including advice on how to narrow down a list of potential partners.

Evaluating Partnerships

on Pruitt of Omnisend shares how he tracks whether partnerships are working. The other panelists add their metrics, which include influence, leads generated, and new partnerships.

Omni-channel Approach

Panelists discuss how merchants are implementing an omni-channel approach to understanding and communicating with their customers, and what this means for SaaS companies in the e-commerce space.

Motivating Larger Partners

Startups are looking to leverage larger partners to grow and lend credibility to their brand. Richard Gilbert of PayPal shares his take on how smaller companies can best position themselves with larger partners.

Future of E-comm Partnerships

E-commerce is rapidly changing, and panelists discussed how the landscape is shifting. Sean Blanda from Crossbeam shares that his company has mapped the e-commerce partner ecosystem.

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