Download the guide to creating a SaaS partnership strategic plan
Looking to streamline your business processes through partnerships? Check out our comprehensive toolkit, which includes a partnership plan template, sample organizational structures, partner manager job descriptions, and a breakdown of the 9 partnership types in the revenue funnel.
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Download the Case Study

Download the guide to creating a SaaS partnership strategic plan

Understand where all the partnership types fit in the revenue funnel and how you can execute a successful partnership strategy

9 SaaS Partner Types

Learn what the 9 different SaaS partner types are, including affiliate, referrals, ISV and different types of channel partners. Understand whether each partner type facilitate go-to-market, product, implementation or customer success.

Partnership Strategy for the SaaS Revenue Funnel

Understand exactly where the 9 partnership types contribute to the classic SaaS Revenue Funnel, from awareness to post-purchase loyalty. Invest more in different partnership types depending on whether your strategic goals are more focused on early or late stage funnel improvement.

Strategic Plan Template

Building a partner program requires a data-based partnership strategy. Get a strategic plan template for building a SaaS partner program, which determines how you find, identify, and close partners, as well as manage and retain partners.

Technology Partner and Channel Partner Rollout

Get specific advice and steps on how to roll out a technology partner program and channel partner program, including setting up the right partner team organizational structure, KPIs, and partner management practices.

Sample Job Descriptions

Get links to sample job descriptions for all the roles on an early and mid stage partner team. Includes partnership manager, head of partnerships, partner marketer, product manager for integrations, and partner operations.

Sample Partnership Team Organizational Charts

Partnership teams are structured differently. Get early stage and mid stage partnership team structures, including how they draw from other departments for functions such as marketing, product, and engineering.