How to get more internal resources for tech partnerships

This worksheet lays out all the elements to present to senior leadership in order to get more internal buy-in, budget, and developer resources.

Persuade Leadership to Invest More Budget and Resources in Tech Partnerships


Template for Making the Case

Specifies 3 sections to include when presenting the business case to get more resources for scaling tech partnerships, including market research showing market demand.

Assess Current Baseline

Understand the elements that need to be identified for a baseline. Includes resources being expended and results being driven by any current integrations.

Understand Different Technical Setups

Read the four different elements that can be built or bought to create the right integration infrastructure.

Cost of Different Setups

Assess the engineering resources and budget to create different elements of the infrastructure underpinning tech partnerships.

Projected Results

Each element of integration infrastructure should lead to results. Understand what types of results one can expect from each element.

Use Tech and Processes to Track ROI

Understand the 6 different components to track moving forward to demonstrate tech partnerships have a strong ROI.

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A framework for persuading executive leadership to invest more budget and headcount in tech partnerships

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