Download the handbook explaining API and integrations for the non-technical

Learn what to ask your engineering team to ensure that you have the right tech to support and scale your product integrations.

APIs and Integrations for the Non-Technical



Learn what an API is (and how it is different than an integration), what elements you need to ensure partners want to work with you, and that your integrations meet your customers' needs.


Authentication and authorization are key to data security and the user experience of an integration. Understand what OAuth v2 is, and why you should be using it.

Integration Configurations

Understand the difference between an integration and a product integration. Find out how you create the business logic of product integrations, and the technical terms for the important components.

UI and UX

A product integration must have a user interface, and it should be designed to give the customer an excellent user experience. Learn what goes into the most seamless integration user experiences.

In-App Marketplaces

There are many components that can go into an in-app marketplace, from the front-end UI to the logging of integration usage to a sandbox environment for partners. Understand each of the elements.


Once a product integration is built, it must be maintained. Find out why you need logging, alerting, version management, account provisioning, and a hosting setup that can affordably scale.

Download the handbook on APIs and integrations explained for the non-technical

Understand all the technical elements involved in SaaS product integrations

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