Learn how to measure the entire business impact of tech partnerships
Tech partnerships can lift every stage of the revenue funnel. Understand the processes and tech you need to effectively measure their impact in driving and influencing revenue, and in improving retention, LTV, and customer satisfaction.
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Capture the value tech partnerships are driving for your organization and justify further investment

Brand Equity

Tech partnerships improve your brand and increase word-of-mouth recommendations. Learn best practices for tracking how tech partners help your organization accrue greater brand equity.

Marketing Leads and Referrals

Implement link tracking and integration marketplace analytics to capture leads that are being sent from tech partners. Use a PRM, partner data sharing tool, marketplace analytics, and your CRM to track referrals partners send.

Sales Enablement

Tech partners can enable sales by introductions to key decision makers, producing sales collateral, explaining how product integration works to your prospects, and even co-selling. Implement a model to track and value these different business impacts.

Retention, Customer Satisfaction, and LTV

Understand what product analytics you need to show the impact of integration usage on retention, LTV, product adoption, and customer satisfaction. Use a cohort analysis of similarly situated customers to track divergent outcomes.


Direction monetization is the easiest business impact to track. Get an overview of the different ways companies monetize and what you should be tracking.

Data Flows and Tools for Tracking

View sample data flows from the perspective of your partner team and your sales team. Understand how different teams at your partner's organization and your own organization contribute to an effective tracking process and see the tools they are using.