Download the guide with information on 76 vendors and the best partner tech stack
Build the ideal tech stack for your business with insights from 100+ peers and data on 76 tech vendors. Learn about SaaS partner programs and access info on APIs, integrations, and marketplaces. Elevate your tech ecosystem knowledge today.
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Download the Case Study

Download the guide to building a winning tech stack

Learn how to use partner tech to increase efficiency, get more engaged partners, and better track ROI

Partner Tech Market Overview

Learn about the state of the partner tech market and what the different product categories are - from the PRM to best-in-breed solutions for data sharing, co-marketing, technology partnerships, and co-selling.

Survey of 100+ Partnership Leaders

Get the results of our survey of partnership leaders and find out who is using partner software and what partnership leaders would most like to see improved. Respondents from companies including Facebook, General Motors, General Assembly, and Neilson.

Information on 76 Partner Tech Vendors

Get a breakdown on features, strengths, potential areas of improvement, and ideal customer for 76 different vendors that you can use in your partner tech stack. Assemble an effective stack that enables your strategic goals.

Partner Technology Stack Framework

Read a framework for assembling your tech stack and identifying where you should upgrade it. Understand how partner operations can improve your outcomes.

Partner Tech Challenges

Learn about the unique challenge of partner tech - ensuring that partners and other internal departments are getting the right information at the right time - and how to ensure that your business processes and tech stack overcomes this challenge.

Index of Vendors

A clickable Index links to individual vendors, product categories and functionality that you can use to find what you are looking for when assembling your tech stack or vetting partner tech vendors.