Download the book explaining why ecosystems can cover the loss of cookies
Are you a marketer looking to improve your data collection strategy? Check out our guide on implementing an ecosystem marketing strategy to gather high-quality data at scale. Discover why cookies are crumbling and how this approach can benefit your business.
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Download the Case Study

Download the book on why marketers facing the loss of cookies should shift to ecosystem marketing

Learn about ecosystem data and how to leverage it as an organization. Ecosystem marketing can amass high quality data and expand your reach.

Different Data Types

Learn the difference between first, second, and third party data and the typical characteristics of each type.

Quality at Scale

Understand how data partnerships enable organizations to collect high quality data at scale.

Data Flow Visualizations

Visualize the different ways marketers collect different data types and how the loss of cookies is shifting this landscape.

Privacy and Control

Learn how ecosystem marketing data is more controlled and more impervious to encroaching privacy concerns than third party data.

Ecosystems and Reach

Beyond high quality data, ecosystem marketing enables an organization to have a much greater reach. Partner marketers can act as an outsourced marketing team.

How to Implement Ecosystem Marketing

No matter what a partner program currently looks like, ecosystem marketing can be pursued. Get a framework for choosing and approving marketing partners.