Build user-facing integrations that scale with your business. Launch in days, not months.

A platform for building and launching native software integrations. We handle integration infrastructure for you, so you can build easier, launch faster, and generate ROI sooner.
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What is Pandium?

What our users are saying

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“Discovering, installing, and managing integrations has never been easier for our merchants.

They can easily manage integrations without additional support. Plus, our marketplace takes the guesswork out of system synchronization – all systems will sync seamlessly, with you in the driver’s seat.”

-Aaron Jewell, Senior Software Engineer
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“With Pandium, we use 70 percent less engineering resources and get integrations to market 6x faster.

Pandium has completely changed how we approach our partner-driven and integration-driven go-to-market strategies. Plus, our customer base benefits from  finding the best-in-class solutions for their ever evolving needs.”

-Casey Armstrong, CMO
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“Pandium has been key to us going to market faster.

With minimal development resources, we have shipped integrations our customers love to use and opened up new channels of customer acquisition as prospects discover us in our partners' marketplaces. The Pandium team is always available to keep improving on those integrations.”

-Philippe Roireau, VP of Partnerships
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"Pandium has been influential in not only getting added functionality that helps our clients directly with small effort on our end, but it also allows for our own clients to be up to date on what we are working towards within the Pandium Marketplace.

It gives them another avenue to ask questions and get the info they need to help them expand usage in our app. Keeping them (and us) happy!”

-Max MacDonald, Product
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"Pandium allows us to partner with technology first companies while we keep focus on our core product.

The traditional iPaaS provided a proprietary environment with a high barrier to entry. We really like that Pandium is code first, and we can get the code rather than rely on a black box system."

-Ed Burnett, VP of Engineering
“Pandium provides the end-to-end infrastructure that enables us to provide our customers with the integrations they need.

Thanks to Pandium, our tech partners can build and submit integrations to our platform, while my engineering team knocks out the projects only we can tackle.”

-Bharat Chopra, General Manager, Integration Center
“It had long been a goal of ours to establish a digital connection with LeagueApps. Thanks to the great work of the team at Pandium, we were able to connect our tech teams to turn that goal into a reality.

Pandium allowed us to seamlessly integrate with LeagueApps’ expansive client base, and our business continues to see great results.”

-Phil Wallace, VP of Business Development

In-App Marketplace

Let customers find, install, and manage native integrations from inside your application.

- White-labeled marketplace embedded in your app.
- Customize UI components and content. No code necessary.
- Detailed usage metrics and user permissions for your tech partners.
- Include all your integrations. Even ones built outside of Pandium.

Integration Infrastructure

Build and maintain all your integrations in a central portal.

- Build scaleable integrations with uncapped volume.
- Launch faster by removing repetitive parts of DevOps and maintenance.
- Easily update integration business logic and UI.
- Designed to handle complexity and edge cases without breaking.
Analytics and dashboard

Public Partner Directory

Show prospects what integrations you offer & generate more leads.

- Display a white-labeled app directory on your website.
- Customize the UI to fit your brand.
- Add categories, tags, and flags to help visitors find what they are looking for.
- Embed forms and scripts for lead capture and reporting.

App Team

Don't burn your engineering hours on building integrations. Let the Pandium App Team handle it for you. We'll create and take care of integrations that your customers and partners want.

Whether you want to offload some or all of your integration work, you can get top-notch integrations up to 6x faster. It's a smart move that frees up your team and gets you results quicker.

Partner Portal

Your partners can submit their integration, manage their marketplace tile, and view usage and installs in the portal.

How it Works


Create flexible and scalable user-facing integrations

Our integration infrastructure is the most flexible in the industry. Build using your existing dev tools and processes. Define your own business logic without restrictions. Launch scalable integrations that handle uncapped user volume.

Make your integrations discoverable

The embedded In-App Marketplace makes it easy for your customers to find, install, and configure the integrations you build. All from inside your application.

Promote your integrations & generate revenue

Use the Public Gallery to showcase your application ecosystem on your website and attract more leads. Show prospects that you connect with the tools they use, shorten sales cycles, and close larger deals.

See how Pandium will work for you

Learn more about how Pandium can help you drive more revenue with your technology partnerships.

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